Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Homecoming Chairman McCormick Anticipates an Exceptional Junior-Senior Dance


As October slowly comes to an end, the long-awaited arrival of homecoming looms around the corner. Located at the Dallas Info-Mart, on October 23, this year’s celebration marks Jesuit’s 65th Homecoming.

Featuring an elegant “Night at the Oscars” theme, Homecoming this year strives to capture that illustrious Hollywood appeal while simultaneously reflecting October festivities. Including life-sized Oscar and modern Cinema actor statues, Homecoming will not fail to create an Oscar feel. This year’s DJ offers the option of going to his online website and choosing preferred songs, thus making sure the students have considerable weight in selecting song choices.

In terms of the overall process, Homecoming planning starts six to seven months before the event.  The Homecoming Committee selects a unique theme, DJ, and decorations. The process ends by finalizing a location for the dance and putting together a floor plan for decorations.

According to Senior Jordan Chang: “Homecoming is overcoming a minimal amount of fear and risk in order to obtain awesomeness. Just don’t look at your wallet after you’re done though…” and Senior Andrew Miller adds: “Homecoming provides an opportunity for maximum social engagement.” These seniors showcase the multi-dimensional benefits of homecoming, whether it be producing a certain level of courage needed to express oneself and have a time to remember, or whether it be a time to bond with dates, friends, and classmates while experiencing social interaction and community. Either way, this year’s Homecoming will be a night to remember.