Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Charlie Boroczak '22, like most high schoolers, deals with the challenge of balancing all the activities in his life. The senior works hard to maintain his school grades, participate in the Senior-Freshman Big Brothers Program, plays on the varsity football and rugby teams, and manages to get a little time to hang with friends. Oh, and run a non-profit for...
Sweat drips onto the computer screen. The player anxiously awaits his opponent's next move. He hopes to be crowned the "COVID-19 Fundraiser Chess tournament" champion. The chess tournament was a massive success. Not only was it really competitive but more importantly, Jesuit students were able to raise $687. This was enough to prepare 1,800 meals for families. I was also a...
Service. It's one of the biggest themes at Jesuit. From the required service for graduation, the service grant for paying tuition, to the Alumni Service Corps, Jesuit strives for great service to the public. For Juniors, who need to earn 40 hours by the end of the year, there are three national service clubs offered here at Jesuit; one is the...

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