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Joining the Jesuit Faculty

Joining the Jesuit Faculty

To become a teacher at Jesuit, the buck does not merely stop when a teacher is hired; rather, this is just the beginning. The process new teachers must undergo to officially begin educating Jesuit students in the classroom is a very complex, sometimes even strenuous, procedure. The reason for this intricate procedure is so that the new teachers are able to not only better understand the expectations of a Jesuit teacher, but also to better understand the philosophy and mission of a Jesuit school.

Once a faculty member at Jesuit is hired, he or she is sent an Ignatian documents packet designed to better acquaint them with the culture of Jesuit, as well as to prepare them for the three day orientation known as the “New Teacher Orientation” in August. “The learning process for newly hired teachers is very extensive because, as members of the Jesuit community, they are now expected to understand, preach, and emulate the ideals held in the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation,” said Mr. Mark Knize, Assistant Principal of Student Affairs.


To learn more about the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation, follow this link:


Each new teacher is also assigned a mentor in the form of a veteran faculty member. These mentors serve as sounding boards and advisors for the new teachers in order for them to develop their own practices for being successful in the classroom. The new teachers are to work with their peer teachers to determine what is being taught the first day of school, the first week of school, and the first six weeks of school.

Then, in August right before the start of school, all of the new teachers participate in what is known as “New Teacher Orientation.” According to Ms. Elise Stewart, the Director of Faculty Mentoring, “For the three day New Teacher Orientation, about 40 rising seniors assist us in welcoming the newest members of our adult community and in contributing to their formation by offering their unique experiences of what works here at JCP.” During these three days, teachers listen to presentations, hold a Q&A session with the Jesuit seniors, and even teach a mock class to a handful of seniors in which they give the new faculty members tips and helpful insights.

One Jesuit senior who participated in the New Teacher Orientation was John Berend’13, who claimed, “I just thought the whole process was very worthwhile for both the teachers and the senior students. The teachers got to know more about what it means to teach Jesuit students, and we got to know more about the screening process our teachers must go through.”

According to the feedback that Ms. Stewart received from the New Teacher Orientation Evaluation, the new teachers consistently enjoyed hearing from the veteran teachers and the students about their best practices for being successful.  “The top activities mentioned were the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm presentation by Mr. Profitt and Mr. Kirby, as well as the bonding time with peers,” noted Ms. Stewart.

After the New Teacher Orientation is completed, the new Jesuit teachers are considered ready to begin teaching at Jesuit College Prep, but the process is still not over for them. Throughout the year, these teachers will have monthly meetings with their previously assigned mentors, as well as also meeting with Ms. Stewart on a three week-rotating basis to ensure their successes in the classroom.