Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Vlog: The Life of a Jesuit Student During a Pandemic

Vlog: The Life of a Jesuit Student During a Pandemic

With masks blocking out half of everyone’s faces, and hand sanitizers’ use is so common that its smell lingers in the halls. Being with your friends is different now because you can’t stand closer than 6 feet to them. Even in the cafeteria, plastic shields divide everyone. If someone said these three sentences 8 months ago, the people around them probably would have thought they were crazy. But now, it has become our everyday life. In this rough time of a pandemic, a lot has changed in how cautious we are around people outside our households. This includes the flow of businesses and schools. While other schools are going fully online, we are lucky enough to go to Jesuit, in a safe manner of course. While we have this privilege, the school environment is definitely not the same. Jesuit is taking many precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, like new a new air flow system. In light of this changing situation, I vlogged through one day of in-person learning and one day of online learning. This is meant to capture what it’s like for us students. This also serves as something to look back at in the future, when things hopefully get better!


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On the roundup, I mainly make videos about campus life and student opinions, as well as vlogs. I have a skill set in all types of video production. For this reason, my work isn’t just limited to the roundup. I also make Vlogs and comedic skits on YouTube (Check it out on my channel, Saadz!). I plan on developing my filming and editing skills to start a side business in doing this work for others. I also want to make my own short films in the future, and I feel like the roundup is a great place to express and improve my skills while also being deeply involved and engaged in everything that happens at Jesuit. All-in-all, I set out to put video media on the roundup at the best it can be!