The Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 has made it. Many of us have excelled in sports, academics, and service. Ignatian education has formed us into well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world. Students with various talents will continue their passions and aspirations entering college. We have worked hard to mirror the ideal example of what it means to be “Men for Others” and have succeeded in being holistic individuals in the Profile of the Graduate. It is time to move on and take with us the values of leadership and service that has been ingrained in us since freshmen year. It may seem that we were meager freshmen just last year but four years fly by quickly. I hope that many of us were able to truly enjoy what Jesuit had to offer and that our experiences here have made us become more open-minded and caring individuals. It has been a great four years with all of you and although the year is not over, there are only a couple weeks left to go. Here is the class of 2018.

Community Days for the Class of 2018
  1. Drew Abbot:  State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  2. Jack Allen: Austin Community College
  3. Reid Allison: Loyola University Chicago
  4. Royce Allred: The University of Illinois
  5. Nathan Ampil: Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls
  6. Matt Androvett: Loyola Marymount University
  7. Diego Angobaldo: Texas Tech University
  8. Santiago Arenas: Boston University
  9. Ricardo Arteaga: The University of North Texas
  10. Hunter Bailey: Texas Tech University
  11. Michael Bain: The University of Texas
  12. Kabir Bansi: Baylor University
  13. Joseph Banul: Colorado State University-Pueblo
  14. Jack Barone: California Polytechnic State University
  15. Cole Beach: Texas A&M University
  16. Jax Beiriger: Texas Tech University
  17. Cole Bengtson: University of San Diego
  18. Eric Bennett: Texas A&M University
  19. Jacob Berg: Sabbatical (playing junior hockey)
  20. Josh Betanzos: Santa Clara University
  21. Hank Bitterman: The University of Arkansas
  22. Lucas Black: Loyola University New Orleans
  23. Mike Blase: The University of Arkansas
  24. Chris Boltz: Southern Methodist University
  25. Quinn Boone: Texas A&M University
  26. John Bowen: Texas A&M University
  27. Michael Bradley: The University of Arkansas
  28. Cade Brewer: The University of Arkansas
  29. Jaylon Briscoe: The University of Texas
  30. Lindsay Brown: Texas Christian University
  31. Paris Brown: University of California, Santa Barbara
  32. Alex Bryan: Southern Methodist University
  33. Chris Bryan: Southern Methodist University
  34. Trevor Bucholz: Loyola University Chicago
  35. Aidan Buckley: Rollins College
  36. Andrew Buckley: Southern Methodist University
  37. Nick Buehler: The University of Texas at Dallas
  38. T. Buell: Texas A&M University
  39. Jared Butler: Georgia Institute of Technology
  40. Zack Butz: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  41. Pearson Byrne: The University of Oklahoma
  42. Anthony Calabrese: The University of Oklahoma
  43. Flavio Calderon: Texas Tech University
  44. Jesse Campos Flores: Between Texas A&M Commerce or UNT
  45. Jake Carlson: Texas A&M University
  46. Lachlan Carton: Southern Methodist University
  47. Ben Casey: University of Oregon
  48. Tripp Cave: Georgetown University
  49. Carson Christensen: The University of Miami
  50. Hank Clements: The University of Oklahoma
  51. J.P. Cole: Belmont University
  52. John Cooke: University of Texas (Business Honors)
  53. Linus Cooper: Texas A&M University
  54. Tyler Copeland: The University of Arkansas
  55. Nico Cornejo: The University of Oklahoma
  56. Matthew Cornwall: University of Texas
  57. Jonathan Coxon: Franciscan University of Steubenville
  58. James Cuaderes: Texas A&M University
  59. P.J. Danna: Texas A&M University
  60. Alec Davis: Hendrix College
  61. Andrew Davis: Grand Canyon University
  62. Ryan Davis: The University of Texas
  63. Charlie Day: Texas Christian University
  64. Michael Deasy: The University of Oklahoma
  65. Peter Delkus: Weatherford College (Baseball)
  66. Mitchell Delong: The University of Arkansas
  67. Ryan Devoe: Rochester Institute of Technology (Software Engineering)
  68. Jacob Dewa: The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
  69. Jackson Dormer: The University of Oklahoma
  70. Kyle Dotter: The University of Texas (Engineering)
  71. Derek Dumbrigue: The University of Texas at Dallas
  72. Logan Edelmann: The United States Naval Academy
  73. Nico Elizondo: Texas A&M University
  74. Carter Elliott: Sabbatical (pursuing a musical career)
  75. Marshall Ellison: Rollins College
  76. Jake Elrod: Texas State University
  77. Sam Eppich: The University of Notre Dame
  78. Matt Espericueta: The University of Texas at Dallas
  79. Campbell Fearing: American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  80. Zach Feffer: Texas Tech University
  81. Sam Fields: Texas Tech University
  82. Marc Fisk: Texas Tech University
  83. Mitchell Flautt: Xavier University
  84. James French: The University of California, Berkeley
  85. Jake Frick: The University of Texas at Dallas
  86. Will Fynes: Sabbatical (Going to Guadalajara, Mexico/ Or Peru)
  87. Alex Garza: The University of Dallas in Irving
  88. Lorenzo Genera: The University of Colorado-Boulder
  89. Will Gibbins: The University of Georgia
  90. Brendan Gibbs: Texas Tech University
  91. Nick Gibbs: Texas Tech University
  92. Alex Giebler: University of Texas
  93. Austin Gilbert: The University of Michigan
  94. Andrew Gilchrist: Rhodes College
  95. Grayson Godfrey: Stephen F. Austin State University
  96. Julian Gomez: Austin Community College
  97. Luke Gonzales: The University of North Texas
  98. Vicente Gonzalez: The University of Texas at Dallas
  99. Gerardo Gonzalez: The University of Texas (McCombs Business School)
  100. Chris Gramlich: Kansas University
  101. Paul Gramling: Sabbatical (Going to Peru in the fall)
  102. Spencer Grant: The University of North Texas
  103. Jacob Grauel: The University of Arkansas
  104. Tommy Greim: Southern Methodist University
  105. Thomas Griffith: Texas Tech University
  106. Michael Hamer: Loyola Univesity Chicago
  107. Solon Hamer:  Texas Tech University
  108. Alec Hanson: The University of Michigan
  109. Evan Hargrave: The University of Oklahoma
  110. Connor Harrell: The University of Oklahoma
  111. Luke Harrison: Rhodes College
  112. Zach Harry: The University of Oklahoma
  113. Grayson Hassell: The United States Naval Academy
  114. Reid Hatzmann: The United States Naval Academy
  115. Jim Hayden: Spring Hill College
  116. Holden Hill: Texas A&M University
  117. Marcus Hill: The United States Air Force Academy
  118. Z. Hine: The University of Colorado – Boulder
  119. R.L. Hoover: Texas A&M University
  120. Michael Hornung: Saint Joseph’s University
  121. Chris Horton: Miami University
  122. David Horton: The University of Oklahoma
  123. Jackson Houston: The University of Oklahoma
  124. Jake Hubbell: Sewanee: The University of the South
  125. Will Hubbell: Xavier University
  126. Peter Hundley: Texas A&M University
  127. Christopher Irby: The University of Mississippi
  128. Andrew Isbell: Texas A&M University
  129. John Jackson: The University of Arkansas (Honors College)
  130. Michael Jankovich: Continuing High School in Boston for Basketball
  131. Alexander Jeanis: The University of Texas (McCombs School of Business)
  132. Colin Johns: Northeastern University
  133. Noah Johnson: The University of Texas at Dallas
  134. Aidan Johnston: The University of Michigan
  135. Matthew Joy: Georgetown University
  136. Matthew Justman: The University of Texas
  137. Bijan Kamalipour: Waiting for Baseball college response
  138. Sam Kaufman: The University of Colorado – Boulder
  139. Michael Keelan: Arizona State University
  140. Joe Kelley: The University of Oklahoma
  141. Chase Kengott: Arizona State University
  142. Ethan Kirkland: Austin Community College
  143. Ty Kocian: Texas Tech University
  144. JP Koshakji: Saint Louis University
  145. Alexander Kowalske: The University of Texas
  146. Brad Kucera: Southern Methodist University
  147. Harrison Lanier: Saint Louis University
  148. Mathieu Lavault: The American University of Washington D.C.
  149. Ethan Lee: Loyola University Chicago
  150. Christian Lerma: Texas Tech University
  151. Zachary Limaye: Purdue University (Engineering)
  152. John Lindberg: California Polytechnic State University
  153. Caleb Longwell: Texas Tech University
  154. Mac Lopez: The University of Arkansas
  155. Barrett Lynch: Washington and Lee University
  156. Ryan Macalanda: Texas Christian University
  157. Finn Maguire: The University of Arkansas
  158. Sean Maguire: Texas Tech University
  159. Josh Marshall: Regis Universtiy
  160. Alex McBey: Saint Louis University
  161. Alex McGlone: Arizona State University
  162. Brian Meza: The University of Texas at Dallas
  163. Cole Michel: The University of Arkansas (Honors College)
  164. Ben Miller: The University of Oregon (Robert D. Clark Honors College)
  165. Michael Miramontes: The University of Notre Dame
  166. Greyson Mokarow: The University of Denver
  167. Dawson Moore: Trinity University (Cap for UT)
  168. Jose Moreno: The University of Texas at Arlington
  169. Branson Morrell: Flight School in South Dakota
  170. Forrest Moses: Texas A&M University
  171. Nick Motter: The University of Houston
  172. Peter Mowery: The University of Florida
  173. Tyler Murrah: Pepperdine University
  174. Max Murray: University of Missouri
  175. Brogan Neagle: The University of Texas
  176. Brendan Nelligan: Texas A&M University
  177. William Nelson: Texas Tech University
  178. Daniel Nguyen: Loyola Marymount University
  179. Noah Nguyen: The University of British Columbia (Canada)
  180. Thomas Nolan: Southern Methodist University
  181. Keagan Nwosu: Miami University
  182. Jake O’Gara: Texas Christian University
  183. Israel Ollarzabal: Baylor University
  184. Evan Osherwitz: Arizona State University
  185. Benny Otiniano: The University of Texas (Liberal Arts/Government)
  186. Peter Papanicolaou: The University of Oklahoma
  187. Nick Penn: Texas A&M University
  188. Jackson Petroll: Texas A&M University
  189. Jared Petroll: The University of Texas
  190. Marcelo Pier: Texas A&M University
  191. Mike Ponder: The University of Oklahoma
  192. Harrison Pope: Saint Louis University
  193. Kevin Portner: Auburn University
  194. Joseph Preboy: Saint Louis University
  195. Nicky Prendergast: Texas A&M University
  196. Luke Pryzbylski: The University of Oklahoma
  197. Marcus Ramirez: Texas Tech University
  198. Lucas Raney: The University of Colorado – Boulder
  199. P.J. Rasmussen: The University of Texas (McCombs Business School)
  200. Daniel Redell: Southern Methodist University
  201. Daniel Reed: Trinity University
  202. Julian Reyes: The United States Coast Guard Academy
  203. Christopher Reynders: The University of Notre Dame
  204. Alex Reznicek: The University of Denver
  205. Giovanni Rivas: Yale University
  206. Phillip Robertson: Louisiana Tech University
  207. Marshall Rodegast: Lynchburg University
  208. Patrick Rodenbaugh: Texas Tech University (Double Major – Musical Ed./Performance)
  209. Nico Rodriguez: The University of Texas at Dallas
  210. Fletcher Rosenbleeth: Clemson University
  211. William Schneider: The University of Colorado-Boulder
  212. Preston Schwartz: The University of North Texas
  213. Mason Scott: Saint Louis University
  214. Garrett Scott: Dartmouth College
  215. Alex Segal: The University of Mississippi
  216. Alex Shamoun: The University of Mississippi
  217. Tyler Shea: The University of Notre Dame
  218. Nick Sigman: United States Naval Academy
  219. Nicholas Smith: The University of Texas at Tyler
  220. Jack Sowell: The University of Oklahoma
  221. Garrett Spivey: University of Colorado- Boulder
  222. David Sprock: Rutgers University (Lacrosse + continuing education)
  223. Sloan Stefanek: The University of Mississippi
  224. Huntington Stoinoff: Purdue University
  225. Dylan Sumner: The University of Oklahoma
  226. Kolbe Surran: The University of Texas at Dallas
  227. Ryan Szczepanski: Saint Louis University
  228. Kevin Tabet: The University of Arkansas
  229. Jack Tabor: The United States Naval Academy
  230. Leo Tanzi: The University of Texas at Dallas
  231. Zachary Taylor: The University of Texas
  232. Sean Tehan: The University of Notre Dame
  233. Luke Theivagt: The University of Texas (Neuroscience)
  234. Connor Thomas: Georgetown University
  235. Timmy Tighe: The University of Notre Dame
  236. Griffin Till: The University of Mississippi
  237. Jacob Totah: Springhill College
  238. Parker Towns: Rice University
  239. Drew Trautman: Drexel University
  240. Anthony Valdes: San Diego State University
  241. Daniel Van Amerongen: Texas A&M University
  242. Konstantino Velis: The University of Texas
  243. Andrew Lovine Videna: Saint Louis University
  244. Phillip Villalba: Trinity University
  245. Nicholas Villareal: Clemson University
  246. Javier Vinals: The University of Dallas
  247. Liam Vlasimsky: The University of Colorado – Boulder
  248. Teddy Wagner: Vanderbilt University
  249. Gus Walker: University of Texas (Communications/ Sports Management)
  250. Kevin Walker: Auburn University
  251. Matthew Walsh: Loyola Marymount University
  252. Carson Ward: The George Washington University
  253. Jack Watson: The University of Arkansas
  254. Sam Weinstein: Santa Clara University
  255. Colin White: Texas Tech University
  256. Harry Whiting: Tulane University
  257. Ethan Williams: The University of Notre Dame
  258. Nicholas Wilson: University of California, San Diego
  259. Ian Winson: The University of Texas (Computer Science)
  260. Charles Wolpert: Texas Tech University ( Accounting)
  261. Joseph Wong-Vermillion: Loyola University Chicago (Biomedical engineering)
  262. Andrew Wright: Southern Methodist University
  263. Luke Wyand: Texas Tech University
  264. Jake Younger: Texas Tech University
  265. John Zevallos: The University of Texas

Geographic regions :

Mathieu Lavault '18
Mathieu ( Matt - euhh) Lavault (La - Vo) is an All-American guy from Dallas. Born to a French father and a Colombian mother, Mathieu is able to speak French, Spanish, and English at a proficient level. He likes to read, write, and travel. You can contact him at or you can find him probably somewhere around the school.