Credit: Dallas Morning News (Eric Gay)

In Trump’s last couple briefings, he has emphasized how people need to return back to work to improve the economy and get people earning money. While that statement has had mixed reactions from politicians all across the US, his message seemed to resonate to Governor Greg Abbott, who is changing his approach on the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, Texas governor Greg Abbott gave plans to lift stay-at-home orders this Thursday and eventually reopen businesses at a 25% capacity. For example, museums and public libraries may reopen on May 1, but not all businesses are required to open, as The Nasher Sculpture Garden and Dallas Museum of Art do not plan on reopening Friday. In counties where there are five or fewer coronavirus cases, those businesses can reopen at 50% capacity.

Additionally, Abbott recommended that people wear masks in public, continue to maintain social distancing, and listen to the medical experts. He lifted the 14-day quarantine orders on people traveling from heavily impacted areas such as Louisiana and New York. Abbott briefly remarked on the need for Texas’ economy to begin again.

“It’s entrepreneurs who drive the Texas economy,” he said. “They need to be unleashed.” (Dallas Morning News)

However, some places with constant human contact cannot open just yet. Gyms, massage and tattoo parlors, and bowling alleys are just a few examples of places that cannot open on May 1. Similarly, shopping malls, play areas, and food courts will not be open for the public on May 1.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins also advised people to make decisions that help our community.

“It will be imperative for North Texans to make good choices particularly where these orders veer from the advice of public health experts. Following science is the best way to keep safe and open the economy.” (Dallas Morning News)

If you would like to look at Abbott’s more detailed plan and its reactions, read about it here.

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