On Fridays, artists of all genres and popularity drop their music for their audience’s listening pleasure. While Spotify and Apple Music both have “New Music Friday” playlists, The Roundup doesn’t want the Jesuit community to have to sift through those playlists to find out which songs bop and which flop.

To the avid Roundup readers disappointed that New Music Friday has been absent over the past two weeks, don’t be. The limited body of relevant new music didn’t constitute an article being written about it.

This week has some interesting releases, so keep reading to see what we thought of the new tracks.

Caution: Spotify content may include explicit lyrics. The Roundup neither endorses nor promotes any of the songs in this article. Readers under 18 must receive parents’ permission before proceeding.

Lights Up by Harry Styles

3/10. Lizzo taught us that sometimes the truth hurts. To all the 16 year old girls freaking out that Harry Styles released a new song: the truth is that this song is sub-par. If this song were put out by someone not named Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, or the Jonas Brothers, it would’ve flown under the radar.

Easy by Camila Cabello

4/10. If there’s anything I’d let Camila Cabello know, it’d be that quality trumps quantity. She’s been putting out new songs every week for the past month, and they’ve all been okay. She’s got a great voice, so the song doesn’t sound bad, but it’s just the same background noise over and over again.

original me by YUNGBLUD ft. Dan Reynolds (from Imagine Dragons)

5/10. I started laughing when I heard this song for the first time. Both YUNGBLUD and Dan Reynolds have a great sound, and I think the song sounds great. It’s the lyrics that weigh their rating to a 6/10.

Routine by Wale ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill

8/10. I recommend this song for anyone going to a shred sesh or anyone who just needs to be pumped up.

Twisted by French Montana (ft. Logic and A$AP Rocky)

7/10. I don’t really have much to back this rating up. I think it’s a slightly above average song from an above average set of artists. For once, I think Logic’s verse didn’t decrease the quality of the song.

Walking by 88rising, Joji, and Jackson Wang ft. Swae Lee & Major Lazer

8/10. Swae Lee and Major Lazer really outdid themselves on this song. I would separate this 8 into three separate ratings: a 9/10 for Swae Lee’s chorus on Major Lazer’s beat, a 6.5/10 for the Joji and Swae Lee’s verse, and a 5/10 for Jackson Wang’s verse. Together, it’s an overall solid, relaxing song.

JT First Day Out by City Girls

7/10. I was not expecting this change of pace from City Girls, but I thought they pulled it off well. City Girls is group made of Yung Miami and JT. JT turned herself in for fraudulent credit card charges this past June, and has spent the past three-and-a-half months in prison. She was released from prison and dropped this song yesterday.

Stay tuned to The Roundup for more New Music Fridays!