Alex Motter has become the newest member of the Podcast crew. He will replace Enrique on the podcast once Enrique graduates and moves on. So what better way to prep him than have him join the crew early?

As per usual the Podcast is recorded in Segments. Each segment is a part of the original taping that occurred on April 23, 2015. You can find them below.

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The Round Up Podcast #4 (Jesuit News & Tech) from The Roundup on Vimeo

* PARDON the audio clipping, our sound guy was out sick. The podcast crew carries on while the sound guy (Kenneth is sick). Featuring Hunter, Blake, Enrique and the newest addition back full time Alex Motter. 
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The Round Up Podcast #4 (Movies & TV) from The Roundup on Vimeo.

Alex Motter proves his worth on the Movie portion of the Podcast.
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The Round Up Podcast #4 (Music) from The Roundup on Vimeo.

Hunter attempts to make a joke regarding Madonna and Drake’s interesting performance
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The Round Up Podcast #4 (Games) from The Roundup on Vimeo.

Blake informs all of us that his dad never let him play his favorite game on the N64 and Kenneths lack of presence this episode means that the audio clips every once and a while
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The Round Up Podcast #4 (Discussion) from The Roundup on Vimeo.

Three unique discussions take place. That is all. Oh and Blake has never left the US

Hunter Gilbert '16
Hunter attended GSES before attending Jesuit. He is an avid reader of IGN, Destructoid and Polygon. If it is a decent game he has probably played it several times. You may hear him on the Roundup Podcast or you might have seen him rant about games on twitter. All things aside Hunter KNOWS games. With a passion towards Journalism, Hunter intends to go to the world renown Journalism School at the University of Missouri (Mizzou). You can find all of the articles about games that Dr. Degen didn't want you to see at