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Underclassmen Honored at Convocation

Underclassmen Honored at Convocation
Recipients of the Haggerty Math and Science Award

Beginning in the same fashion as the two before it, on Thursday morning, May 23, 2019, Dr. Ben Kirby called the Jesuit community together to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of the classes of 2021 and 2022.

After an opening prayer by Father Wally Sydney, S.J. and a reading by Mrs. Michelle Williams, Mr. Tim Host rose to the stage to present the academic and extracurricular awards.

From the Departement of Computer Science:

Introduction to Computer Programming

Freshmen: Quinn Diamond
Aarin Jain
Kohl Moberly
Ethan Nguyen
Derek Zhang

Programming 2

Sophomore: Grayson Coke

Honors Advanced Java

Sophomore: Holland Ernst

Visual Basic.NET

Sophomore: Parker Leathers

From the Department of English:

English 1

Freshmen: Rodrigo Aldrey
Aarin Jain
Hunter Krepp
Mario Lopez
Nico Yepes

Honors English 1

Freshman: John Archer
Jack DeGroote

English 2

Sophomores: Ronin Armstrong
George Hampton
Kyle Kassen
Andrew Sherman
Jake Taylor

Honors English 2

Sophomores: Benton Koch
Carson Neri
Nathan Spencer

From the Department of Fine Arts:


Freshmen: Nick Evanich
Gavin Nourallah

Sophomore: Carl Wilson

Ceramics Throwing

Sophomores: Matthew Gonzalez
Ryan Lengyel

Ceramics Hand-Building

Sophomore: Clark Brown

Music Appreciation

Sophomores: Alex Chong
Alec Gomez
Michael Loving
Brittan Welborne

Music Theory

Sophomore: Patricio Boy

Intro to Jazz History & Improv

Sophomore: Ryan Spickard

Freshmen Men’s Chorus

Sam Parker

Men’s Chorus

Sophomore: Nathan Volle-Kobell

Chamber Orchestra

Freshmen: Alejandro Landry
Truman Mininger

Sophomore: Alexander Paul


Freshmen: Brendan Shorey
Derek Zhang

Sophomore: Jack E. Martin

2D Design – Digital Media

Sophomore: Zachary Freeman

Theater Arts

Freshmen: Jet Beck

Sophomores: Julian Garcia
Shane Hatzmann


Sophomores: Clayton Jackson
Nathan Reis

Music Composition & Film Scoring

Sophomore: Justin Burns

Stage & Film Writing

Sophomore: Jordi Reig


Sophomores: Will McKinney
Michael Norris


Sophomore: Nick Law

From the Language Department:

Spanish 1

Freshmen: John Archer
Jack DeGroote

Spanish 2

Freshmen: Lucas Hernandez
Nathaniel Walker

Sophomores: Jason Davis                                                              Gordon Schmerbeck

Honors Spanish 2

Freshman: Luke Brackbill

Sophomore: Matthew Kucera

Spanish 3

Sophomores: Ben Cooper
Cullen Scott

Honors Spanish 3

Freshman: Nick Boss

Sophomores: Gage Miles
William Rudnicki

AP Spanish Language & Culture

Sophomore: Pato Guerrero

Honors Spanish 4, Heritage Learner

Sophomores: Santiago Day
Luis Osorio

French 1

Freshmen: Paco Lorenzo

French 2

Sophomore: Alec Ngov

Honors French 2

Sophomore: Patricio Boy

Honors Advanced French

Sophomore: David Benitez

Latin 1

Freshmen: Jet Beck
Henry Limber

Latin 2

Sophomore: Jack Mason

Honors Latin 2

Freshman: Joey Trigiani

Sophomore: Ryan Shea

Honors Latin 3

Sophomore: Luke Jones

Mandarin 1

Freshmen: Conlan Diamond
Quinn Diamond

Sophomore: Josh Reinboldt

Mandarin 2

Sophomore: Gabe Tan

Honors Mandarin 2

Freshman: Derek Zhang

Sophomore: Austin Kayanan

From the Department of Mathematics:

Algebra 1

Freshmen: Matthew McKinzie                                                        Zane Webb
Gray Wilson

Advanced Algebra 1

Freshmen: Brady Kinzer
Quinn Mashburn

Algebra 2

Freshman: Conlan Diamond

Honors Algebra 2

Freshmen: John Archer
Nick Evanich

Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Sophomores: Clayton Jackson
Jake Taylor


Sophomores: Alex Chen
Albert Gonzalez
Luke Sullivan
Luke Toppins

Honors Geometry

Sophomores: Holland Ernst
Andrew Sherman

Honors Precalculus

Sophomore: Jack Perdue

The Mathematical Association of America

The Mathematical Association of America recognizes Jesuit Dallas for competing in the AMC 10.

The highest scoring freshman is:

Nick Evanich

The highest scoring sophomore is:

Ryan Graham


Jesuit joins hundreds of other schools each year across Texas in participating in the Texas Math League contests, known as TXML. A certificate of merit is presented to a freshman and sophomore as the highest scoring Jesuit students.  This year we have a tie in the Freshman class. The students receiving certificates are:

Freshmen: John Archer
Nick Evanich

Sophomore: Peter Nguyen

In the Department of Science:


Freshmen: Rodrigo Aldrey
Luke May
Brody Pawsat

Honors Biology

Freshmen: Ike Pawsat
Derek Zhang


Sophomores: Alex Gibson
Andrew Sherman
Colton Speer

Honors Chemistry

Sophomores: Alvaro Luque
Jake Taylor

From the Department of Social Studies:

Rhetoric and Civics

Freshmen: Jack DeGroote
Lucas Ferguson
Lucas Hernandez
Sophomore: Jaden Clemens

World History

Sophomores: Kyle Cribbins
Andrew Curry
Jordan Lawlar
Carter Williams

AP World History

Sophomores: Alex Gibson
Gage Miles

From the Department of Theology:

Scripture and Jesus

Freshmen: John Archer
Brady Kinzer
Nathaniel Walker
Derek Zhang

Mission and Church

Sophomores: Blake Dickey
Benton Koch
Jordan Lawlar
Alvaro Luque
Gage Miles
Nathan Volle-Kobell

Extracurricular Awards:

Participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged and valued at Jesuit, as it serves to foster a student’s talents in ways that go beyond the classroom. The school now recognizes those students whose involvement in extracurricular activities has been exemplary.

For dedication and outstanding service to the Student Council, certificates are presented to:

Freshman: Joey Trigiani

Sophomore: Luis Osorio

For leadership and dedication to the Classics in Jesuit’s Junior Classical League:

Freshman: Grant Richey

Sophomore: Ben Rippel

For excellence in participation with the National Latin Exam, certificates and SILVER medals are awarded to:

Freshmen: Will Mansour
Lorenzo Martinez
Joey Trigiani

Sophomores: Henry Hoy
Alex Westerman

Receiving a Bronze medal and certificate for the National Spanish Exam:

Sophomore: Jason Davis

Receiving Bronze medals and certificates for the National French Contest are:

Freshmen: Bruno Dosal
Fabricio Oliva

Sophomore: Patricio Boy

Receiving Silver medals and certificates for the National French Contest are:

Freshman: Cande Narvaez

Sophomores: Santi Cordero                                                          Sergio Lopez Elizondo

Recognition is given to the following Ambassadors for their outstanding service this year:

Freshman: Grant Kostos

Sophomore: Henry Domine

For excellence in Jesuit’s Anime Club, a certificate is presented to:

Freshman: Brad Silver

For outstanding dedication to Car Club, certificates are presented to:

Freshmen: Campbell Almond
Christopher Fleming

For outstanding dedication to Quiz Bowl, a certificate is presented to:

Sophomore: Emilio Rodriguez

For exceptional service and dedication to the Jesuit Medical Society, certificates are presented to:

Freshman: Jacobo Restrepo

Sophomore: Holland Ernst

The epicure award for the MEAT Club goes to:

Freshman: Dominic Farrell

Sophomore: Lee Ochs

For demonstrating a great work ethic, enthusiasm, a selfless attitude, and a high standard of sportsmanship in the Jesuit Competitive Shooting Club, The Founders Award certificate goes to:

Sophomore: Brittan Welborne

For earning Diplomats of the Year in Jesuit’s Model UN, certificates are presented to:

Freshman: Christian Nguyen

Sophomores: Drew Campbell
Jack Martin

For excellence in Jesuit Stage and Film – Theater Emphasis, recognition is given to the following students:

Freshman: Jet Beck

Sophomore: Lee Ochs

For excellence in Robotics, certificates are presented to:

Freshmen: Owen Brown
Luke Madden

For outstanding contribution to The Roundup, certificates are presented to:

Freshman: Mark Michel

Sophomore: Luke Maxtone-Graham

For exceptional service to the Jesuit Multicultural Society, a certificate is presented to:

Freshman: Nahum Najera

Sophomore: Alex Mejorado

Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry fosters religious growth in light of Catholic tradition and the vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Campus Ministry would like to recognize the following students for their dedication to ministry this year:

Freshmen: Thomas Gasper
Connor Knight
Jorge Rios

Sophomores: Patricio Boy
Jakob Schau
Nathan Volle-Kobel

For outstanding participation in Community Service, certificates are presented to:

Freshmen: Patrick Bennett
Kyle Nolan
Joey Trigiani
Landon Usry

Sophomores: Holland Ernst
Ben Levis
Charlie McCollum
Luis Osorio
Andrew Sherman
Gabe Tan

Haggerty Math & Science Scholarships

Each year, one-year $1,850 tuition scholarships are awarded to selected students entering the sophomore or junior class levels the following Fall. Funding for the scholarships has been provided by the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas Foundation.

To be considered for the Haggerty Math/Science scholarships, a freshman or sophomore must have either a 95 average in current math and science courses or an 85 average in current honors math and science courses. Each candidate is then reviewed by the faculty of both academic departments and the administration of Jesuit to determine his achievements in mathematics and science. Also considered are his activities, leadership roles, and community service involvement.

The freshmen receiving the Haggerty Math/Science academic scholarships for their sophomore year are:

John Archer
Patrick Bennett
Jack DeGroote
Nick Evanich
Jack Krueger
Francisco Lorenzo
Ike Pawsat
Derek Zhang

The sophomores receiving the Haggerty Math/Science academic scholarships for their Junior year are:

Jason Davis
Sergio Lopez-Elizondo
Holland Ernst
Peter Nguyen
William Rudnicki
Ryan Schurr
Andrew Sherman
Carter Williams

Brother Gerald Landry, S.J.

Brother Gerald Landry, S.J. joined the Jesuits in 1960 and served as a member of Jesuit’s staff for over 18 years until his passing in December 2014. One of the many gifts he shared with our school was his love for photography. This award, in his name, honors a yearbook staff member who has served actively and passionately and whose creativity, initiative, and enthusiasm through photojournalism resulted in significant contributions to the organization and served as a model for future staff members.

For his significant contribution to Jesuit’s yearbook, The Last Roundup, the Brother Gerald Landry, S.J. Award is presented to:

Sophomore: Michael Norris

Principal’s Magis Awards

This award recognizes those freshmen and sophomores who love the pursuit of learning, students who have impressed their teachers with the desire to grow and to learn. These students, while not necessarily achieving the highest grade in a subject, are students who seek the Magis, or the more, in their class.


Freshman: Mark Villalba

Sophomore: Patricio Boy


Freshman: Cale Patton

Sophomore: Christopher Cook


Freshman: Myles Tucker

Sophomore: Alex Chong

Fine Arts:

Freshman: Sam Parker

Sophomore: Lee Ochs

Social Studies:

Freshman: Connor McSorley

Sophomore: Jack E. Martin


Freshman: Lucas Ferguson

Sophomore: Kevin Utz


Freshman: Mario Lopez

Sophomore: Clark Brown

Computer Science

Freshman: Conlan Diamond

Sophomore: Clark Brown

Beverly and John M. Diestshy, Sr. Family Science Award

In 2019, the Beverly and John M. Dietschy, Sr. Family Science Award was established by Dr. and Mrs. John Dietschy to recognize a rising sophomore based on his strong character, exemplary academic performance, and demonstrated passion for the sciences. This award carries a $2,000 scholarship to be applied to sophomore year tuition. The competitive merit-based scholarship is renewable each year as long as the individual remains in good character and continues to excel academically.  This year, the Beverly and John M. Dietschy, Sr. Family Science Award is merited by:

Freshman: Aarin Jain

Guy Delaney Class of 2020 Memorial Scholarship

The Guy Delaney Class of 2020 Memorial Scholarship (Benefactors:
Class of 2020, Family and Friends — Shawn and Neil Delaney, Brian and Reta Markham and Will Nickols.)

In 2018, the Class of 2020, family and friends established a scholarship at Jesuit Dallas in memory of Guy Delaney, Jesuit class of 2020, to be awarded to a rising junior who most exemplifies a desire to put forth his best effort both academically and athletically, and who reflects the personality, character, and spirit of Guy. The Guy Delaney award carries a scholarship amount of $2,000 to be applied to junior year tuition. The 2019 recipient of the Guy Delaney Memorial Scholarship award is:

Sophomore: Patricio Boy

Counselors’ Scholarships

The Counselors’ Scholarships are funded by an anonymous benefactor. They are presented to students who have been active in the Jesuit community, are involved in scouting, church, or other activities, are cooperative and are open to the Jesuit experience. The Counselors’ scholarships, consisting of $500 tuition grants, are awarded to:

Freshman: Victor Martinez

Sophomore: Kevin Utz

Jesuit ‘Man for Others’ Award

Jesuit’s ‘Man for Others’ Award is given each year to students who
exemplify, in their words and actions, what it means to be a Jesuit student. They have demonstrated in their dealings with others the ability to give of themselves selflessly. Each of these awards carries with it a $1,000 scholarship furnished by the Jesuit Women’s Auxiliary.

The Freshman ‘Man for Others’ Award is presented to:

Joe Staubach

The Sophomore ‘Man for Others’ Award is presented to:

Jordan Lawlar

Student Thoughts

Holland Ernst ’21 remarked that “[he] really enjoyed the convocation because it was interesting to see who would get which award.”

Winner of several awards, Clark Brown ’21, continued that “the convocation was a wonderful opportunity to get together as a school and recognize those that don’t often get recognized in the day-to-day.”

Great job, underclassmen, and keep an eye on The Roundup for more Jesuit news!