Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Types of People on Online Calls

Types of People on Online Calls

While 2020 hasn’t been a great year for humanity, it has been great for meme-makers. The memes and group chats have become top-tier distractions from the crippling loneliness of quarantine. Scrolling through my favorite sites for online content got me thinking: Why don’t I help pass some time by talking about some of the people you’ll most likely see on online calls? So I decided to do just that, and after doing my research, I think you’ll find some interesting people to look at. Could these people I’m about to mention be some of your friends? Well, you’ll have to continue reading and see.

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to insult or hurt anyone, or even identify any specific people through this article. This article is for satire, and not all of these stereotypes are completely true, as all stereotypes aren’t necessarily true and don’t tell the entire story behind a person. Please keep this message in mind while reading.

The “Alt + F4” Guy

Otherwise known as the class clown or the jokester. Most schools and cliques have their funny guy, who often makes absurd, yet hilarious jokes during school or pulls pranks. He knows how to make you laugh, but now his efforts are hindered by the coronavirus. He can make memes all he wants, but it’s just not the same without him being here. However, he has figured it out, the way to continue pulling simple pranks from home. When the teacher asks how to turn up the volume, you just gotta seem nice and tell them the controls “Alt + F4.” Yet, the whole class on the call knows very well what happens next, as the computer shuts down and teaching suddenly ceases. “Ah, I see, the trickster.” Watch out for this one, students and teachers alike!

The One with the Bad Camera/Audio

There’s no real context for this person before coronavirus, except for maybe when you play video games with them, their game lags and you keep losing because of it. The complaints continue, but you know you can’t do anything about it. Coronavirus, though, is getting everyone on the Internet, and if you have siblings or parents on as well, the Wi-Fi can get a little buggy. When you’re in class, you may have a question or want to comment, but can’t. They can’t hear you very well. The video is all blurry and pixelated, and the audio is very patchy. Everyone on the call says “We can’t hear you” or “Turn on your mic”, but it may not always work.

This happened to me one time, and I didn’t have my audio turned on, and I thought I was gonna struggle, but I figured it out. Just work through the issues, and you may have to communicate. If you’re a friend of theirs, help them out or tell everyone else what’s going on. We all have moments like this. Sorry, off track. Next one.

The “Messy Room, Messy Life” Guy

We get it. Being in your room at your desk is difficult, and when you have to do a lot of work like at Jesuit, cleaning your room is not always your top priority. It’s reasonable until you see piles of clothes everywhere, your bed-head, and that wrinkled shirt you’ve worn for the past three days straight. Nobody wants to see you like this, and your room is just a complete mess. It’s disgusting, and I’m not saying your room has to be perfect, but it shouldn’t look like a pigsty. Readers, if your room is messy, please clean it up. For the sake of teachers, administration, and other students. Just cause you don’t have to go to school, doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibilities.

The One Who Doesn’t Care at All

We all have students that don’t try. They don’t care about school, and they are just there to interact with other people, not learn. Sometimes they cause more disruption than benefit. However, school is just not the same, and without social interaction, they have no point to be in school. And so, they don’t log in and hear the announcements. They don’t log in to Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, whatever video conferencing program you use and they certainly don’t do their work. Why would they? Whether it’s video games or not staying in quarantine, they have better things to do than homework and school. Even if they do go to school, they are not trying too hard, anyway.

The One Who’s Trying to Listen

Last but not least, a needle in a haystack. I’m kidding. A lot of us are here to continue school, and it kinda sucks not physically being here sometimes. But at times, we realize the craziness of this situation and just want to survive. If you are a senior, you’re just looking to finish this year of high school and move on. It already took prom and possibly graduation, and coronavirus has kinda ruined things for you. If you are junior, you’re just looking to finish this year and enjoy the perks of senior year. You just need that final push before you can put a little less emphasis on class grades and more about general college stuff. If you’re an underclassman, you are just looking for summer (aren’t we all?), and school to be done, because school’s gonna hit harder next year.

Whatever it is, we just gotta survive. As some people’s somewhat annoying lawn signs say, “This is our one chance to save the human race by doing nothing and staying home. Don’t screw this up.”

Stay tuned to The Roundup for more interesting articles during the coronavirus outbreak!