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The Jesuit Journal: A literary magazine, a hobby, a work of art


The Jesuit Journal, a magazine for writers, needs your writing. Any student, no matter the grade or skill level, can and should submit any work they are passionate about to the Jesuit Journal.

People write for the Journal for many different reasons. Many because they simply need an outlet to express something they are passionate about. Like Mark Diaz- Arrastia they “feel the Journal is a good outlet for creative writing,” or like Noah Baron who “wanted a chance to write about something I wanted to write about.” Whatever you have a passion for writing about, the Journal is, in the words of moderator Dr. Michael Degen, “a space for students who are interested in sharing their experimentation with poetry, short story, novel excerpt, essay, song lyric, photography, and visual art.”

The Jesuit Journal origins are twofold. It began as a compilation of student literature that was published at the end of each school year. Then it transformed into a bi-semester publication as a newsletter for the Student Council, but editors began adding to the student literature section which grew and grew until it comprised most of the Jesuit Journal. Eventually the Student Council news section was removed, transforming the newsletter into the Jesuit Journal we have today.
The Jesuit Journal publishes not only writing but also artwork. Any artwork, whether it is photography, drawings, paintings, pastels, or even graphic design, can be submitted and published. The same applies to all varieties of writing: poetry, political columns, reflections, how to guides, short stories, lyrics, musical compositions, musicals, one acts, full length plays, expository essays, or even works written in a foreign language.

What had once been a student council newsletter with a small student literature section is now a publication dedicated solely to student literature and artwork. The Jesuit Journal is released twice a semester, once mid-semester and a second time at the end of the semester.

As a part of student publications, the Jesuit Journal works out of the publications office best known for The Roundup and The Last Roundup. Last year’s printed copies of the Jesuit Journal can be found in the English Commons, where students can browse through the rack of magazines as they wait for writing conferences with their teachers. Also, every edition of the Jesuit Journal from December 2005 until today is online at

“For all those people who write creative fiction because they find the real world boring,” Harrison Ainsworth encourages, you should submit to the Jesuit Journal, or if you simply like to write or draw or compose submit your work to the Jesuit Journal. Contact either the managing editor Michael Gregory at or the head editor Robert Uhl on Moodle to submit. We’re looking forward to all your submissions!