Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Home Series Sudoku for Dummies – The Finale

Sudoku for Dummies – The Finale

Sudoku for Dummies – The Finale

Congrats to Mr. Batik for being the only one to email any solutions over the past two weeks!




No one else sent anything. Rather disappointing. I tried to get people to do 4.4 and one guy told me “it was literally impossible.”

Maybe I made it too hard I guess…

I’m not going to post solutions for the other two. I will hint that you need to look for chains early on. That’s why they are so hard. There are no immediate clues. Chains take a lot of patience. If you give up you can check out this website (cheater).

If you thought those were a piece of cake though, I have a challenge for you.

If you really want to metaphorically shoot yourself in the foot, or simply experience the taste of utter hopelessness, try this one out! It is as hard as it gets. (I gave up after notating…)



All in all, I hope you had some fun Sudoku-ing. I hope I explained things well enough so that you can solve all the Dallas Morning News puzzles!

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Thank you for reading Sudoku for Dummies.