Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Students Share Their Faith Experiences From Other Cultures

On Friday, October 11, a group of students and faculty, led by Ms. Madeline Maggard and Mrs. Michelle Williams, put on a prayer service about how people from other cultures experience their faith.

The Set-Up

After much preparation and reflection, the group was ready to present to the student body. That Friday morning, they all gathered to rehearse their parts. Ms. Maggard and Mrs. Williams directed students and audio-visual crew to perfect the flow for the service. With the help of the Campus Ministry prayer service team to set-up the stage, they were ready.

The Prayer Service

It began with the classic call to worship from Camden Roy ’21. Ryan Miramontes ’20, Juan Jose ‘JJ’ Luna ’21, and Patricio Boy ’21 then read the story about the miracle of Juan Diego. Mitch Villaba ’21 and Jorge Rios ’21 both offered reflections about their own experiences with their faith in their cultures. Ms. Maggard commented, “I was particularly touched by the reflections shared by Mitch Villalba and Jorge Rios. What beautiful, grace-filled memories they shared with us! Our Lady is always with us, isn’t she?”

Final Thoughts

Mrs. Williams offered a final reflection on the prayer service. She reflected, “the hope is that in hearing students share their own faith experiences with their families and cultures that the student body is invited to reflect on their own faith tradition and their response to their tradition.”

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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