Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Tasty Student Opinions on Sage Food

Tasty Student Opinions on Sage Food

As the bell rings for lunch, all the Jesuit students rush toward the small gym, forming a messy line. However, unlike last year, this line does not take twenty minutes to go through; it takes a mere ten to fifteen minutes thanks to Jesuit’s new cafeteria system.



Over the summer, Jesuit partnered with Sage Dining to renovate its current cafeteria and cafeteria system. Starting this year, Jesuit has a new buffet style cafeteria that allows many more students to get their food faster.



This change has stirred a lot of positive reaction, and many students are excited for the new system.

For now, the temporary cafeteria is in the practice gym until the actual cafeteria is fully renovated. While there is no set date for the unveiling of the new cafeteria, students still enjoy being able to eat breakfast and lunch at school without having to pay each time they enjoy a meal.

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