Will Mina '22

The ten 10 clean white 4.5-inch pins once standing proudly now look down the lane in fear. Across those 60 feet of synthetic planks comes rolling down a ball. The sound of the impact echoes on the lanes and rolling noise slowly increases. The pins watch as the ball closes in and BOOM! A strike! And so, with the second game of the season passed, Jesuit’s Bowling team continues its win streak, with varsity bringing its A game to the lanes.

Varsity’s Individual Game

The individual games were quite tight, with Victor Martinez ’22 starting with a score of 93, then supported by Nick Evanich ’22 with an impressive score of 167, but sadly falling behind by 4 pins. The individual matches continue with a few losses, but Will Mina ’22 and Hayden Montpas ’22 bring in some points. Will Mina bringing in a score of 284 versus 276, and Hayden a score against 313 against 204. With the end of Individual matches, the game moves into the Bakers with Jesuit with a total score of 2 against Marcus’s 5 points.

Varsity’s Bakers

Starting the Bakers, Jesuit takes the first game with a nice win of 148-113, a good start to the Bakers. Jesuit continues that moment in the second game with a close win of 159 against 153. Jesuit then takes the final game with a score of 183 to 157. The final score ends with Jesuit winning 10 to 5. The Jv team follows, but sadly with defeat.

JV’s Individual Games

Jv begins its individual matches with some difficult one-sided matches, though they have some close matches. Aaron Larson ’22 bringing home a game of 130 missing 8 pins against a score of 138. William Martin ’24 finishes out with a game of 258 against a game of 285 . In the end, Jesuit goes to Bakers with a score of 0 against Nimitz with a 7 point lead

JV’s Bakers

The Bakers games begin with a rough start in game one losing 90 to 119, second game 132 to 137, and the third and final game was lost once again 99 to 101. After this defeat, the JV team continues to work hard, while the whole Varsity strives to keep up its momentum.

Check back for the results of varsity’s game on the 9th and 23rd and Jv’s on the 23rd on The Roundup!