The Jesuit baseball player, dressed in white khaki pants and a blue polo, walks through the large silver metal detectors. Quickly, he scurries through a set of large glass doors and into the next room, taking a seat next to his teammates only a few rows away from the Dallas County commissioners who are sitting at the far end of the room, facing the audience. Suddenly, the judge bangs his gavel, marking the opening of the court and the silencing of the crowd.

On Tuesday, June 21st, the Jesuit baseball team was recognized by the Dallas County Commissioners Court for their success during the season. Although the Dallas County Commissioners Court is not very well-known in the community, it affects the lives of every person living in Dallas County on a daily basis. Appropriating the funds for Dallas County, the Commissioners Court is made up of 4 commissioners: Commissioner Price, Commissioner Cantrell, Commissioner Garcia, and Commissioner Daniels. Elected within a certain district, each commissioner is overseen by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins who was elected in a countywide race.

This season marked a number of records for the Jesuit baseball team. Despite a remarkably tough road, and the loss of many key players, the baseball team pushed to the State tournament, ultimately becoming the 6A State Champions. In the wake of the trials, tribulations, and ultimately success of the season, the Commissioners Court took time out of its day to celebrate the success of the Jesuit baseball team.

The recognition by the Dallas County Commissioners Court was undoubtedly a great experience as Nic Colombo ’17 noted, “It was really cool. We got to walk up to the podium as the resolution was being read and then got to take a picture with the commissioners. It was exciting to see our county politicians dedicate time to recognize us for our accomplishments. It is definitely an experience I will not forget.” Colombo’s praises were echoed by other members of the team, namely Alex Lengyel ’17, who said, “I really enjoyed the whole thing, being recognized while the court was in session was really cool. It was definitely a very surreal moment.”

Make sure to congratulate members of the Jesuit baseball team on their tremendous season and accomplishments and keep up with The Roundup for any updates!