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Say Farewell To The Senior Staff; Say Hello To A New Generation

Say Farewell To The Senior Staff; Say Hello To A New Generation

Australians wildfires, the death of Kobe Bryant, two impeachments, stock market crashes, the death of George Floyd, protests and police brutality, murder hornets, Beirut explosion, the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and an election all while dealing with a global pandemic occurred during the 2020-2021 school years, and The Roundup staff was here to cover it all. 

A longtime mission of The Roundup is not only to document the events of the school, but of the world, and more importantly, the perspective of students as they watch and participate in an ever-changing global community. 

The seniors of the newspaper ferociously led a staff of 50+ through every crazy event that happened. Sam Levis ‘21 as the Media Editor ensured the all-new Media team ran smoothly. Carson Neri ‘21 stepped in as the Viewpoint Editor to help cover politics for the newspaper. Colin Kittleson ’21 overviewed everything sports the entire year. Luis Osorio ‘21 monitored the news section and left no major event unreported. And all these seniors were led by a team of two: Jason Davis ‘21 as the Managing Editor and Patricio Boy ‘21 as the Editor-in-Chief. 

This group of seniors left an important mark on this publication, and now it’s time for new beginnings.

The New Senior Staff

Blake Woodard ’22, Editor-in-Chief

Blake has had quite an impressive run during his time in The Roundup, having written 21 articles since joining. After beginning as a writer, Blake quickly climbed the ranks to Co-Chief Associate Editor, a rigorous job that involves managing a team of Associate Editors and ensuring that every event inside and outside the school is covered. He proved to have a strong work ethic and a great passion for writing which earned him the spot of Editor-in-Chief for next year for a staff of over 50 people. A talented writer, Blake is for sure going to push The Roundup into great new directions this year to come. 


Ajay Bhavan ’22, Managing Editor

Ajay has written 18 articles throughout this time in The Roundup, time spent as a writer, then associate editor, the Co-Cheif Associate Editor alongside Blake Woodard ‘22. Ajay’s impressive organizational skills and management abilities made him the clear choice to manage the day-to-day operations of The Roundup. Send him an email if you’re looking to join!



Grant Kostos ’22, News Editor

Grant has written 20 articles for The Roundup since he joined as a freshman. Grant served as a staff writer and then became an associate editor his junior year. Always up to date on current events, Grant will cover all of the news inside and outside of Jesuit for the 2021-2022 school year.


Tyler Gazzam ‘22, Viewpoint Editor

Having written 8 articles, Tyler has experience in all kinds of topics such as politics, sports, opinion pieces, as well as covering Jesuit events. Coupled with his passion for the newspaper, Tyler will serve as the Viewpoint Editor, ensuring that the opinions of Jesuit’s students are covered and published for our readers to enjoy. 



Joel Elms ‘22, Sports Editor

With 32 articles published, Joel is a seasoned staff member of The Roundup. His heavy experience in reporting sports news and great passion for all kinds of sports gave him the edge to earn his new position as the Sports Editor. Joel will monitor all sports coverage for The Roundup and be the point of contact for all sports-related news. His strong work ethic will help expand the newspaper’s coverage 


Saad Zulqarnain ‘22, Media Editor

First serving as a Media Correspondent in the all-new Media Team this year, Saad proved to be an integral part of the team and his work with vlogs and highlights videos and pictures made a great start to the inaugural year of the Media Team. Taking over for Sam Levis, Saad will be in charge of a large team of about 10 media correspondents and oversee the production of all things media at The Roundup. 


With an incredibly talented team taking over, Jason and I have no doubt that The Roundup will experience another successful year of putting out content for all of our readers. We have loved our time with the newspaper and wish the entire staff the best of luck in the future. 

For the last time, come back to The Roundup for more exciting updates.

Thank you!