Saturday, July 2, 2022

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NFL Season Wrap Up and Awards

NFL Season Wrap Up and Awards


This year Tom Brady became the first ever unanimous AP selection for the NFL MVP award. I would have to agree with those 50 voters. Brady had an unbelievable year by leading the league in passer rating and touchdowns. He led the Patriots to a league best 14-2 record and earned them the #1 seed in the AFC playoffs. What’s more impressive is that he was nearly perfect in only throwing 4 interceptions, which ranks him tied for 1st all time for interceptions in a season. When you look at all these stats and realize all he has done this year, you understand why he was the first unanimous selection.

Offensive Player of the Year (Excluding Tom Brady) and Comeback Player of the Year

After reading the title above and realizing that these two awards are going to the same person, I think most of you instantly knew whom it was going to: Michael Vick. After finishing 20th in passing yards and 35th in rushing yards, I think Vick showed he was the most dangerous offensive weapon in the league this year. What’s more impressive about Vick’s season is his path. When Vick was released from jail in 2009, the Eagles took a chance on him and made him their backup quarterback. Vick played some that year but mostly only ran the ball. This year he started as the 2nd stringer but got his chance in the first game when Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion, and he never looked back. I think it’s safe to say that no one saw Vick becoming the starter and playing amazingly throughout the year, which is why he deserves CPY.



Clay Matthews and his hair earned my DPOY award.

Defensive Player of the Year


The AP chose Steelers safety Troy Polamalu for this award, but I disagree. I think the award goes to Packers’ linebacker Clay Matthews. Matthews started the year on fire and then proved his case in the Super Bowl when he forced a key fumble, while Polamalu did nothing of significance. Matthews began the year leading the league in sacks, which lasted until teams began to constantly double-team him. Even when he was the Packers’ only pass rush threat, he continued to get pressure and force mistakes. Though I think Polamalu is one of the greatest players in the league, Matthew’s knack for making huge plays at the right time this season is what makes him the DPOY. Plus, he has better hair than any other player.

Play of the Year

Last year Saints’ cornerback Tracy Porter was a national hero after his pick six in the Super Bowl. This year he became a zero when he was embarrassed by Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch as his Saints lost in the first round. With the Saints raging back and only down four points, Lynch made one the greatest plays in NFL playoff history. He busted a 67-yard touchdown run in which he broke 8 tackles, the most memorable of which was his ridiculous stiff arm on Tracy Porter. The play single-handedly launched the Seahawks into the second round of the playoffs and sent fans all over the world screaming in disbelief at the TV, which is why it is easily the play of the year.  

Worst Play of the Year

Steve Johnson can only watch as the ball he dropped rolls away.


In week 12 of the season, the 2-9 Buffalo Bills had the chance to pull a huge upset against the eventual AFC champions Pittsburgh Steelers. The game went into overtime tied 16-16, and when the Bills got the ball, their receiver Steve Johnson dropped a 40 yard game winning touchdown pass. The pass was perfect and slipped right though his hands. Johnson said after the game, “I’ll never get over it. Ever.” Had Johnson caught the ball, the Bills would’ve won 3 straight and pulled off a stunning upset. Unfortunately Johnson dropped it, and instead of being considered one of the best plays of the year, it’s the worst. 

 Overall Season Grade

As a diehard Green Bay Packers fan I’d love to give this season an A+. However, I have to write these columns as a general football fan and so I give it a B-. Compared to past seasons, this year’s regular season was disappointing and not great. There was no completely dominant team, and I think that it can never be a good year if a 7-9 team can make the playoffs, even if they win their playoff game. The only reason the season gets a B- is because I think this post season was great, and no not just because the Packers won the Super Bowl. Every playoff game came down to the wire, except for the Ravens-Chiefs and Packers-Falcons games, and there were plenty of upsets and great games. One of the worst regular seasons I’ve seen was saved by one of the best postseasons, which is why I give it a B-. Too bad it’s all over.