With midterms over, the first semester behind us and winter break now upon us, I asked several students, “what are you planning to do for the break?” Here’s what some of them said:

Carter, Class of ‘22:

“Not much planned really, I think I’m just going to stay at home, play Xbox, and watch Netflix.”

What are you playing, and what are you watching?


“Mostly the new Call of Duty right now, but Cyberpunk 2077 just dropped, so over the break that’ll probably get most of my attention. I’m getting caught up on the new season of the Mandolorian, but after that I’m going to find a new show to binge.”

Weston, Class of ‘22: 

“My family has a ski cabin in Colorado, so we’re going to go up there and I’m gonna hit the slopes.” 

Are you going to fly?

“No way. We’re taking my Grandma, so to be safe we’re driving the whole way.”

Kyle, Class of ‘21: 

“I’m really going to try and learn guitar over the break. I bought one over the summer thinking I would have enough time to figure it out during the year, but with senior course work, college applications, and cross country, I haven’t really got the chance to.”

What kind of music do you want to play?

“Rock and roll, baby. I really like the Strokes, and their guitar parts aren’t too complicated, so I’m hoping to get a few of their songs down by January.” 

Zach, Class of ‘24:

“Cook. Or I guess learn to cook. My mom’s been trying to get me to learn family recipes and stuff.”

What kind of food?

“Just the basics, like spaghetti and meatballs or like chicken and dumplings.”


As for me, I’m also looking forward to a long, much needed vacation: Netflix, Xbox, and hot cocoa for three straight weeks. What about your plans?In conclusion, let us know what you and your family are up to this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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