Despite what the cinematic embarrassment Twilight may imply, there are practical uses for the drawing of blood. This coming Wednesday, Jesuit will be hosting its annual blood drive to collect life-giving blood for the American Red Cross.

David Pace, an Alumni Service Corps teacher, and coordinator of the blood drive, is happy to say that this year more people will be donating blood thanks to a rule change.  The blood drive has been going on for years, even when Pace was a Jesuit student, but this is the first year that 16 year olds are able to participate in the blood donating process.

When asked about the change, Mr. Pace cited a report by the Community Blood Care ( “We have received interest from 16-year-olds to participate in the blood donation process,” explains the website. “As the demand for blood keeps growing more blood centers are having difficulty maintaining the blood supply.  Lowering the donation age to 16 is part of a growing national trend that is being adopted by many other states to help combat blood shortages.”

Because of the rule change, Jesuit will see a spike in the number of underclassmen donating blood this Wednesday. Mr. Pace is very pleased with the potential for growth. “I cannot wait to donate this year,” Pace said. “And I hope to see everyone there.”

For readers on the fence about donating blood, the service credit incentive makes donating blood worth the donator’s time (and body fluids). Each student who donates will receive two credits, and those who donate double earn six credits. Also, if family and friends donate in a student’s name, the student will receive additional service credits for those donations.

Students interested in giving blood can sign up by clicking here.  This link will take the reader to the American Red Cross site that is specific to Jesuit.

Students 17 or younger can donate, but they will need to bring parental consent forms that can be found on the Community service page here.