On June 30, 2020, amidst social distancing efforts and public safety measures, Mr. Earsing and Mr. Garrison united in the Historical Library at Jesuit to present teachers with Excellence in Education Awards. These awards have served as a meaningful tradition to honor our beloved teachers, faculty, and staff, people who dedicate so much time and effort to our school. Here is a list of the award winners:


Award for 600 wins – Mr. Charlie DeLong

Michael Grimshaw Family Award – Mr. Bryan Montgomery

Rev. Robert Tynan, S.J. and Family Award – Dr. Michael Reimer ’96

Elaine Henrion Award – Mr. Paul Maturi

Rev. Joseph Mulhern, S.J. Award – Ms. Candice Price

Jeremiah E. Lenihan Family Faculty Award – Ms. Colleen Cox

Cecil Green Faculty Award – Mrs. Katie Segal

Francis Xavier, S.J. Award – Mr. Brandon Hickman

Peter Faber, S.J. – Mr. Peter Billingham

Hal F. Tehan Family Award – Mr. T.J. Howard ’08

Also, congratulations to the following faculty and staff for reaching milestone years in their careers in education:

40 years – Mr. Peter Billingham, Mr. Michael Earsing

35 years – Mr. Keith Reese, Mr. Hector Ramirez

30 years – Mr. Bob Wunderlick

25 years – Mr. Rick Leal, Mr. Rick Martin, Ms. Shannon Heartsill

20 years – Mr. Tim Host, Dr. Tracy McFarland, Mr. David Williams

15 years – Mrs. Cathy Marino, Dr. Casey Profitt, Mr. Zane Crownover, Mr. Raul Ornelas, Mr. Brandon Hickman, Mr. Jeff Murdter

10 years – Mrs. Katie Segal, Mrs. Laura O’Neal, Mr. Paul Maturi, Mr. Paolo Constanzo, Mr. Jonathan Segal, Mr. Matthew DuRoss, Mr. Tony Brown, Mr. Max Von Schlehenried

5 years – Mr. Bryan Montgomery, Ms. Elizabeth Bramlett, Ms. Maddison Matthews, Mrs. Shelly Schutze, Mr. Joe Wood, Mr. Alex Soich, Mr. Ramesy Kweik, Mr. Ian Berry

Congratulations to Mr. Peter Billingham and Mr. Michael Earsing for reaching 40 years in education, Mr. Keith Reese and Mr. Hector Ramirez for reaching 35 years, Mr. Bob Wunderlick for reaching 30 years, Mr. Rick Leal

Thank you to Mr. Earsing and Mr. Garrison for guiding out school in such a turbulent time. A special thanks to Ms. Selina Estrada for making the video award presentation possible. And finally, thank you to all the Jesuit faculty and staff for everything you do for our school. We appreciate you!

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