At a competitive private school like Jesuit, academics are essentially everything. It’s a place that is designed to instill its students with principles that guide the next generation of leaders into performing at a high-level. With academics like no other, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a Jesuit student recognized for his educational achievements.

Jesuit changed things up a little bit this year to celebrate the students’ outstanding academic achievements as AP Scholars and National Merit Contenders, hosting a small, socially distant ceremony on October 26. Even though the class of 2020 was not here to attend, many did win awards, with some becoming National AP Scholars. By performing consistently well on their AP exams or scoring in the top 1% of the nation on the PSAT, Jesuit students really did make their academic mark this year.

Here are the award recipients:

AP Scholar

  • William Delaney
  • Diego Elizondo
  • Holland Ernst
  • Aarin Jain (Class of 2022)
  • Luke Jones
  • Major Kent
  • Nathaniel Kerich
  • Benjamin Levis
  • Alejandro Meneses-Fish
  • Conor Moore
  • Carson Neri
  • William Rudnicki
  • Alex Santoni
  • Gordon Schmerbeck
  • Ryan Schurr
  • Henry Scott
  • Ryan Spickard
  • Coleman Weitzul
  • Carter Williams

AP Scholar with Honor

  • Justin Burns
  • Drew Campbell
  • Julian Garcia
  • Brian George
  • Alex Gibson
  • Ryan Graham
  • Adam McCutcheon
  • Jacob Meyer
  • Peter Nguyen
  • Joshua Perdue
  • Emilio Rodriguez
  • Michael Steffler

AP Scholar with Distinction

  • David Benitez-Trevino
  • Jason Davis
  • Patrick Lee
  • Alvaro Luque
  • Jack E. Martin
  • John P. Moore
  • Gabriel Skariah
  • Calum Taylor

National AP Scholars (all from Class from 2020)

  • Javier Arroyo
  • Frank Ashmore
  • Ashton Casey
  • John Casey
  • Samuel Dayton
  • Adam Hall
  • Antonio Marques
  • Garrett Nagorzanski
  • Will Nickols
  • Rawley Schott
  • Asher Smith
  • Cal Turner
  • Michael Turner
  • Stephen Walker

National Merit Commended Scholars

  • David Benitez-Trevino
  • Kyle Cribbins
  • Blake Dickey
  • Ryan Graham
  • Nathaniel Kerich
  • Parker Leathers
  • Adam McCutcheon
  • Michael Patton
  • Ethan Power
  • Ryan Shea
  • Michael Steffler
  • Calum Taylor
  • Mark Westerman
  • John Young

National Hispanic Scholars

  • David Benitez
  • Julian Garcia
  • Alec Gomez
  • Sergio Lopez-Elizondo
  • Alvaro Luque
  • Alejandro Meneses-Fish
  • Emilio Rodriguez
  • Dakota Salazar

National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists

  • Alexander Gibson
  • Jack E. Martin
  • John P. Moore

Congratulations to all who received awards! We celebrate your hard work and focus on academics!

To rewatch the ceremony, click here.

And as always, check back to The Roundup for more coverage of Jesuit academics!