Hosting both the Freshman-Sophomore and Junior-Senior homecoming, planning the various mixers and dances throughout the fall, and providing hospitality for other major school functions raises a lot of money for Jesuit’s Student Council.

Needing only $3,000 to carry out its functions, the Student Council decided to put the surplus $17,250 it has raised to good use by donating funds to many of Jesuit’s other great clubs, sports, and programs.

The Student Council gave $4,000 to Jesuit Athletics, specifically the Golf and Rugby programs. The Varsity Golf Team has been invited to play in the prestigious Champions Invitational golf tournament in Palm Springs, California, but, obviously, this requires a serious financial commitment. So, the Student Council has volunteered to be the title sponsor for Jesuit’s own Dallas invitational tournament at Brookhaven Country Club on March 7, the golf team’s primary fundraiser of the year.

The Rugby program plans to travel to Washington, D.C., this year for the Jesuit Rugby Classic, a trip that will include some of the best Rugby teams from Jesuit high schools in the Northeast. Student Council support will allow students to cover partial cost and financial needs for the duration of the trip. Students directly benefit from this generous donation, providing them the opportunity to experience a journey of a lifetime.

The Debate team received a significant amount to provide assistance for debaters to attend summer workshops in 2011. These workshops provide a tremendous opportunity for Jesuit debaters to see college campuses across the country and to interact with coaches and students from these colleges. As a great tool to both develop debate skills and to meet and develop friendships with debaters from across the country, this experience is invaluable to the growth of a debater.

Many other clubs benefitted from the Student Council’s success this year, including the Library Club and Medical Society.  They will use Council funds to promote club events, finance mission trips, and cover costs of materials. In addition, one of Jesuit’s most famous events, AwareFest, received a grant covering the cost of hosting such an event and allowing new ideas and features to be explored at future events.

Finally, the Student Council donated $8,500 to the Community Service Department, aiding the hosting of the annual Special Games event, Jesuit’s Santa Clara summer program (an educational opportunity for underprivileged,  soon-to-be Jesuit students), and the Jesuit Water Relief effort.  The grant supplements fundraising efforts to fund and drill a well in Central America for 8,000 people for 3 years and allows students to buy special bracelets for $5 instead of $10 to aid fundraising.

With such amazing ventures now open to many of Jesuit’s most productive programs, the Jesuit community will surely benefit from the Student Council’s generosity for years to come.

“We were really excited to be able to use our success to give back to the Jesuit community and be able to make such a significant impact on so many people,” says Senior Michael Quint, Vice-President of the Student Body. “It was the least we could do.”