A mosh pit erupts in the Terry Center, a crowd of students aggressively dances to upbeat tunes, clad in shirts, ties, dresses, and… super-suits?

The occasion for such an unusually unbalanced dress code was this fall’s Junior/Senior Homecoming dance, an opportunity for seniors to dress up in their favorite costumes, while juniors had to break out the ole’ formal attire. Seniors took advantage of their opportunity, going all out in replicating characters and figures from well known (and lesser known) movies, TV shows, and general pop culture.

These seniors enjoyed this night of dancing, eating and gambling in the Terry Center with the classier junior class, while their freshman and sophomore counterparts spent the night a few minutes down Inwood Road at Ursuline.

Harrison Lanier, a senior dance-goer, called the event “fun,” a true testament to the merit of the night. He came dressed as the popular Italian plumber, Luigi.

Many students echoed this sentiment, including senior Jonathan Coxon, who praised the DJ for taking requests and the Buffalo Wild Wings food served at the event, and enthusiastically noted, “I had a great time.”

Michael Miramontes ‘18 highlighted the universal appeal of the dance: “Jesuit does a great job at catering to different people’s ways of enjoying themselves. Jesuit has the traditional dance with music and crazy lights, but also has an area for people who want to just talk and relax, with food and casino games if someone wants a less chaotic atmosphere.” 

The student council members, the masterminds behind this glorious night, were proud of their handiwork. As Student Council Vice-President Reid Hatzmann ‘18 said: “Student Council was really impressed with how homecoming turned out. The decorations came together in the end and it made the night a success. The enthusiasm of the students helped make the night so special, and we were grateful for all their support.”

Lindsay Brown, meanwhile, commented that his “favorite part of the night was seeing everyone else having a great time.” He continued: “Seeing your peers smile because of something that you put together is really an amazing feeling.” He was quick to acknowledge the help all of the members of Student Council in the planning of this event, ”It wasn’t just me, however, the whole council put in a lot of effort to make this night possible and it was so great to see people enjoying it.”

The freshmen and sophomores, meanwhile, enjoyed a night of social bonding of their own at Ursuline, as freshman Tristan Hassel put it, “Although it became very warm in the auditorium, I had a lot of fun hanging out with the sophomores. Plus there was good music.” The annual freshman and sophomore dance, which follows the more traditional Homecoming model, is a fun night for the younger Jesuit and Ursuline Students, whereas the Jesuit-held Homecoming, AKA “the real deal,” gives them something to look forward to in future years.

Homecoming, a long-standing Jesuit tradition looks to be continued for years to come while adapting and becoming a night which all can enjoy. If you are a student who attended and enjoyed this dance, make sure to thank your fellow students who made the event possible, the student council, as they continue this tradition and look to improve upon it each year.