On Saturday, December 6, the Not For Sale club returned to the Mosaic Family Services Center to host a Christmas party for the kids.

Like last month, from 2-4 p.m. Mrs. Katie Segal, the club’s founder and moderator, along with seniors William Janicki, Roman Kimbrell, Joe Frunzi, Levi Jobe, Nico Rodriguez, Alejandro Joglar, and myself played with the children. Fortunately Frunzi, bringing games such as throwing tic-tac-toe, knocking down pins, and throwing rings on bottles, was able to bring his carnival activities like he did on our last trip to the Center.

On top of the carnival games, we played soccer and raced in mini go karts. Senior Nico Rodriquez was extremely loved by the kids and worn out since they asked him most of all to push them around in the karts. “It was a lot of fun pushing the kids around. Unfortunately because I am rather hefty and out of shape cardio wise I couldn’t push them for too long. The kids were pretty understanding though and let me rest,” said Nico. “The candy, however, shortened a lot of my rest periods because they were they were so hyper from sugar that they were eager to continue playing. I had a great time helping some great kids and enjoyed the day.”

This time, the kids were completely new, all boys around four to eight years old. This was normal, for a family typically stays at the Mosaic Center for around three months. Like last time, for security reasons and the nature of their living status, neither their names nor photos can be given.

Reflecting on the carnival, Mrs. Segal said, “The kids were really diverse and happy. They really enjoyed having us there. They were a little wild but very excited to see us.”

Two hours flew by when having this much fun with these kids.”My experience was very fun and inspiring because despite the hardships the children have gone through, it was the little things that made them happy,” stated Alejandro Joglar. “When some of the Jesuit students and I pushed the kids around in toy cars, they laughed and had a huge smile on their faces.”

When it was time to leave, the kids all tackled Frunzi and wrapped their little bodies around his arms and legs for a good ten minutes. Needless to say, we’ll be back again in the Spring.

If you would like to read more about Not For Sale’s visits to the Mosaic Center, you can read my previous article here.

Before Jesuit, Sean attended St. Paul the Apostle School. He joined the Roundup in the middle of his sophomore year, and has greatly enjoyed it. Along with the Roundup, Sean actively participates in the Medical Society, where he is the president. He is also a huge fan of Superman.