With only 3 games left in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, only a few Jesuit students still have a chance to take home bragging rights and a Chic-fil-A gift card in the Jesuit Bracket Challenge. Entering the Final Four, the top ten brackets belong to

  1. John Turner ‘14
  2. Christopher Mazzini ‘14
  3. Alex Leitnick ‘13
  4. Andrew Potts ‘14
  5. Stephen Yaeger ‘14
  6. Nathan Leiter ‘14
  7. Chris Hernandez ‘13
  8. Greg Ackels ‘11
  9. Bennett Dres ‘11
  10. Andrew Grattafiori ‘14

Right now the Freshman class is dominating, holding 6 of the top ten spots while the Junior class has no representatives in the top ten. The Sophomore and Senior classes each have two representatives but there could be a lot of change by the end of the tournament since some competitors have up to 480 points they could still add to their total. Check The Round Up next week to find out who the winner of the Chick-fil-A gift card is!