The future may well be what the new Haggar stadium and library represent — and not just because they have exposed glass and steel and none of the corny nostalgic touches that stadiums and libraries go in for these days. Jesuit didn’t want its modernized stadium and library to only look like the future.  Jesuit wanted them to shape the future of athletics and academics.

At the end of the 2010 school year, “renovations to Haggar Stadium and the library started at Jesuit College Prep to bring the campus into a more first class facility,” Rick Atkinson, head of Jesuit construction, explained.

Built in the 70s, Haggar Stadium has been in dire need of a renovation.  The main areas of focus were to modernize the look of the stadium, increase the student stand area, improve the turf and track, and upgrade the restroom facilities and press boxes.

Over the summer, the home stands and visitor concession facilities were torn down to make room for the renovations.  The new home stands will have premium seating for the reserved seats–like the chairs at the Texas Rangers stadium–a new sound system, a new track and turf, a new south end zone concession stand, restroom facilities, and a covered student section. Instead of having the students stand in the parking lot during games, a designated standing section will be added where students can talk and watch the game. Jesuit envisioned it being like the pavilion areas at PGA Tour events. The home stands will also be longer, extending from end zone to end zone, with the student sections on either side of the main seating area.

 Head football coach Bob Wunderlick believes: “After the stadium construction is completed, all will enjoy a renovated stadium, field, and track.  In addition, fans will appreciate the upgrades in many different areas.  What was an eye-sore to many will now be a place all can appreciate and enjoy”

In addition to the stadium renovations, the library also needed renovations.  “The new library will be used more as a computer lab than a traditional library,” says Atkinson.

The problems of too few computers, uncomfortable library furniture and bad configuration of workspace and relaxing space will be corrected in the renovations.  One feature in the new library will be different zones for different types of work and study.  For example, students will have access to multimedia rooms to use for group projects, study sessions and even club meetings. 

The area near the entrance of the library will be designated for group work and study, and closer to the hall of honors; the same will be designed for individual work.  Some new features in the library include areas to plug in personal laptops, two multimedia rooms, and a traditional “library” with room to sit and read.

Senior Kevin Fitzsimmons believes: “Both of these renovations will have a huge impact on the school. The library renovations are a huge symbol of the school’s progress and moving forward along with the era of technology. I think it will be a much more student friendly place and a great place to get work done. Also, the stadium will be a great way to show our support for the athletics programs that play in it and make it a better place for the family and fans coming to watch the games.”

The new improvements to the library and the stadium will dramatically modernize the campus, making Jesuit a better place to study during school hours and a better place to work and play.


Photography by Jack White ’13