This year, the annual Jesuit and Ursuline Ranger Day will be held on November 2, following Homecoming Weekend. Ranger Day is always an event that filled with sports, comedic skits, chariot races, and good times.  However, this year, student council hopes to create and organize a Ranger Day that is, according to the head of the student council Colin Hanley, “bigger and better than previous years.”


Ranger Day is not just a day away from classes for students, but a day that requires much preparation, scheduling, and a lot of cooperation between faculty and student council. The Ranger Day committee, consisting of Coach Charlie DeLong, Coach Steve Koch, Mr. David Williams, Mr. Seth Waits, Mr. Austin Ryan, Mr. Colin Hanley, Mr. Mark Knize, and Ms. Michele Williams, as well as Student Council President Basil Seif ´13, is doing its best to provide the best Ranger day possible. For the past few weeks, this committee has met after school to discuss new games and activities for the students to enjoy after the traditional Ranger Day festivities.


Starting off the day will be a competition between the four Jesuit grade levels, in which selected students will participate in the slam-dunk competition, a loudest “Yell” competition, and a three-point shooting contest.  “Mysteriously” winning every contest of every Ranger Day, the seniors are a heavy favorite this year especially because of their remarkable athleticism.  In years past, numerous controversies have surrounded all of these competitions, but the school has yet to address this phenomenon.


Last, but definitely not the least of the Jesuit Class Traditions, is the Senior Skit, but unfortunately, Ms. Williams will not “give away her secrets.” Hopefully, the Class of 2013 will do better than last year’s seniors as they set high expectations for this year. Although information about the skit is mostly unknown, rumors of a long-snapping competition between Charlie ‘the Italian Stallion’ Turano ’13 and Jordan ‘snaps’ Tobolka ’13 have recently been leaked.


After the fun in the raucous gym comes to an end, the rowdy students will leave in a mass exodus towards the bleachers in the stadium to enjoy the Freshmen Homeroom Chariot Races and the Ursuline Powder Puff Football games.


Then, the fun and games really begin; activities ranging from Trivial Pursuit and Chess in the Cafeteria, dodge-ball and Indoor Soccer in the gyms, and Baseball, Powder Puff Football and Wiffle Ball out on the field, are just some of the fantastic games students will be able to take part in this year. The Ranger Day committee added two additional activities to this year’s celebration: an X-BOX FIFA tournament in one of the main classrooms and an Israeli version of dodge-ball called Ga-Ga which will take place in an octagonal arena that stagecraft is building.


Finally, the day will conclude, as it always does, with a nice lunch of hotdogs, chips, and sodas as Ranger Day slowly comes to a halt.  Jesuit and Ursuline students will go home and rest up to prepare for the homecoming football game that will take place later that night.

Justin enjoys writing for the school paper because he likes staying caught up with current events around school and the community as well as learning about different people when he goes to interview them. You can find out a lot more about a person if you just dig a little deeper. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his two dogs and golden retriever puppy, shooting hoops, playing video games, and reading. In college next year, he hopes to start, once again, on his path to either majoring in business or in journalism; He has not yet decided.