Religious. One of the six pillars of the Jesuit Graduate. Faith serves as a significant part of Jesuit students’ lives, as it intertwines with everything from sports to education. Even though we are more separated than ever, Jesuit Campus Ministry has been continuing on activities to maintain a strong faith. For example, the team provides daily prayers and examens for the students. Going above and beyond, the team also has been providing us with weekly prayer services for students to listen to. Here’s a brief recap of these last couple important events:

Friday Prayer Service (May 8, 2020)

“I know how important it is to have a loving home. I think you all agree that you cannot have a true home without love.” -Mr. Earsing

Mr. Earsing first asked us to reflect on times students have felt loved by their community of teachers, coaches, students, and beyond. He cautioned us to refrain from listening to the spirit of disconsolation, encouraging us to remember Pedro Arrupe S.J., the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He served as a first responder to the devastation of Hiroshima and ultimately formed the Profile of the Graduate. Earsing asked us to use this crisis to help us become more loving and closer to the ideal Jesuit graduate.

Next, Molly Sullivan gave us a prayer to help remember God’s presence in our lives and to keep our community intact. Dr. Knize gave a reading from St. Paul to the Corinthians, reminding us of the very gifts we have which lead us back to the Lord.

Mr. Garrison continued his powerful metaphor of the Jesuit well, where this community is an open and inviting place for everyone who seeks shelter and companionship here. In his homily, he gave each of the current classes his own thoughts and support during these uncertain times. Speaking in French, Mrs. Stewart presented an enlightening meditation activity from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin S.J.

Finally, Mr. Dion, Dr. Kirby, and Mrs. Willams gave their Prayers of the Faithful, continuing on the theme of compassion.

You can view the prayer service here.

Senior Mass and Breakfast (May 10, 2020)

After a usual mass ceremony with communion, Mr. Earsing initially spoke, followed by Dr. Knize. JSN Award recipient Will Nickols ’20 tapped off the ceremony with some final words for his class. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on this event, as I am not in the class of 2020.

Friday Prayer Service (May 15, 2020)

“Freedom and brotherhood…service and friendship. Dear Mother, help us to cherish your dream…”

This prayer service was specifically set for the class of 2020, for today was their last school day at Jesuit. Several members including Jack Barton ’20, Matthew Freeman ’20, and Trevlan MacGregor ’20 all came together to sing the Jesuit Alma Mater. After going through each senior pictures, they gave their final reflections for Jesuit, the service ending with the Prayer of Generosity.

“Class of 2020. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys and [have] spen[t] these past four years. You all really made it the best of my life. How close we’ve become as a class, all we’ve been through together, and then [all] we’ve become. I can’t wait to see what we do in the future. And I would give anything to be on campus with you guys right now.” -Trey Ashmore ’20, former Editor-in-Chief

“I was a new kid and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was welcomed immediately. Although my short time here, it was just incredible. There’s been so many times where it’s impacted me personally. I really enjoyed going to Jesuit. It made me think about the bigger picture and made me appreciate what human connection really is. I want to say thank you faculty, staff, students, and everyone in the class of 2020 and below. Not just us, but everyone. Thank you.” -Daniel Ruggiero ’20

You can view the prayer service here.

Thanks to Mrs. Crowder and Deacon Knight of Campus Ministry for providing these prayer services & masses!

And as always, check back to The Roundup for more coverage of Campus Ministry!