This past week I reached out to both of my science teachers and asked them how they were doing during these unprecedented times. This has been a huge time of adjustment where many feel overwhelmed due to rapid changes in their work or daily life. Fortunately, there’s always light in the dark! So, here’s my science teachers’, Mrs. Applegate and Mr. Kweik, takes on how they’ve adapted and adjusted to the extra time at home.

Mrs. Applegate (AP Environmental Science)

  • – How has your time scheduled been different? 
    • “I have tried to keep my schedule as normal as possible by starting and stopping my school day at around the same time as I would in a traditional environment. I am a person of routine, so having a structured day helps me stay focused and productive. That being said, it is nice to be able to take long runs in the spring weather before getting my day started or as my ‘lunch break’!”


  • – How many new skills have you had to learn?
    • “Like all of the teachers at Jesuit, I have had to develop more skills in educational technology. I did not know how to use Educreations, Microsoft Teams, or just realize how incredible GradeCam was until six weeks ago.”


  • – How many new activities have you had to create? 
    • “Because this is my first year at Jesuit, I feel like in many ways the number of activities I have had to create has not changed dramatically. I have an incredible team of science teachers to work with, and we have worked really hard to take the content we feel is necessary for students and approach it in different, creative ways.”


  • – Is it hard for you to keep a regular schedule?
    • “Yes, and no. Some days are better than others, but having a defined schedule that is similar to my traditional schedule has helped.”


  • – Personal take on everything going on family or work.
    • “This experience is new and sometimes hard and scary, but I feel so blessed to be where I am surrounded (if not physically, then digitally) by some really amazing people, and we will all come out of this situation stronger, more flexible, and more resilient than before.”

Mr. Kweik (Physics)

  • How has your time scheduled been different? 
    • “We still wake up at 5 am with the baby. I watch her pretty much all day until dinner time then my wife takes over so that I can get some work done. Hence the 2am email replies.”
  • How many new skills have you had to learn?
    • “I wouldn’t say new skills necessarily, just better time management.” 
  • Is it hard for you to keep a regular schedule?
    • “Absolutely, whether it is chasing after my daughter, getting/dropping off groceries at people’s homes, getting school work done, getting housework done, trying to see family, and helping with misc. tasks.”
  • Personal take on everything going on family or work.
    • “I enjoy spending time with my daughter. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity if it wasn’t for the quarantine. We have been very fortunate that our family members have been able to stay healthy through all of this. Several family members are essential works and come in contact with many people on a daily basis. We have a lot of friends and family members that have been furloughed or laid off and know of a couple of friends who had to be hospitalized due to COVID. We are definitely counting our blessings.”

I want to give a big thanks to both of Mrs. Applegate and Mr. Kweik for going out of there way to answer a couple of my questions. I want to reiterate some of the things they said – personally I have enjoyed sleeping in more and spending the extra time with family. The school workload has been a lot more than expected, but it’s just something I have to manage. Most importantly, I want to wish everyone a restful and a healthy rest of quarantine. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I count my blessings everyday as my family and I are lively as can be. 

Stay tuned to The Roundup for more coverage during Coronavirus!