This past Tuesday, October 11, 2011, Ms. Sheryl Row took her senior Honors English Seminar class on a field trip to three Museums in the Fort Worth area. On the way there the students learned a neat Dallas history fact when they drove by Eagle Ford District 49 Grade School, the first school for Mexican immigrants in the Dallas Fort Worth area as well as the alma mater of the notorious Bonnie Parker.

After this detour, the students piled out of the small bus and entered the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This museum has very interesting, modern architecture with many unorthodox sculptures and abstract paintings. When asked about his thoughts of the Modern Art Museum, senior Omeed Azmoudeh responded, “placid, relaxing, and thought provoking. The Modern Art is an exciting change from your average museum. If you are ever in Fort Worth, it is a must see attraction.

Next, the group headed over to the Kimball Art Museum. This is your traditional museum with regards to layout and inventory of art. The Kimball Museum had many African, Columbian, and Buddhist sculptures as well as a myriad of paintings related to Christianity. Senior Kevin Butkus appreciated the collection saying, “It offered a wide variety of art to capture my interest, ranging from pre-Columbian art to simple paintings.”

The last stop on the agenda was the Amon Carter Museum, which specializes in American art. The first floor contained Western and Indian artwork while the second floor featured depictions of nature, specifically bays, canyons, rivers, and other beautiful landscapes. “The Amon Carter’s vivid artwork seemed to almost jump out at me, each piece having a personality of its own,” said senior Marty Murad.

All in all, the trip was fascinating and educational. I would suggest to anyone visiting Fort Worth to stop by these three museums for a unique experience.