Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Mr. Knize-2012 Work of Heart Award Winner

Mr. Knize-2012 Work of Heart Award Winner

Every year, the Catholic Foundation awards a Work of Heart Award whose sole purpose is “to recognize the teachers, administrators, and staff of Catholic lower, middle, and high schools in the Diocese of Dallas.” One of this year’s winners includes Mark Knize, Assistant Principal of Student Affairs.

Whether standing in the cafeteria, relaxing in his office, or just sitting on a bench in the hall, Mr. Knize gives everyone a warm welcome and a huge smile, making him a clear choice for the honor.

Portrayed as “kind and considerate” by Cheryl Woolnough, student affairs secretary, Mr. Knize acts as both a reasonable and judicious disciplinarian and an exuberant, encouraging best-friend. Always ready to listen and selflessly lend a hand, Mr. Knize epitomizes the lifestyle of a man for others.

“I enjoy working for Mr. Knize very much. He is very fair with the students and has a great personality,” said Mrs. Woolnough, who works with the assistant principal daily.

Mr. Mark Campbell echoed Mrs. Woolnough’s fondness for Mr. Knize, saying, “He is a great guy, puts the students first and wants to make sure that the student body gets the full Jesuit experience.”

And for Mr. Campbell, the selection of Mr. Knize for the Work of Heart Award was obvious: “I can’t think of anyone on campus who deserves the award more than he does. He exemplifies what the award is looking for. It’s dedication, commitment, and it’s embracing the Catholic identity, and I think he does that daily with his students. He is so passionate and understanding.”

Former Jesuit student, Ian Berry, who is now a part of the ASC, remarked that “when [he] was a student, [he] didn’t really have much of a relationship with those in the administration…but Mr. Knize has communicated really well, through his relationship with the students and by letting everyone know that the administrators and the school are available to aid in the formation of the student body, not merely to crack-down on the rule-breakers or take care of problems.”

“I was very honored, and surprised, because I literally see works of heart, every day from the faculty members. I was very touched,” Mr. Knize reflected, dwelling on his achievement. “I am very thankful that somebody picked me, but I am just one of many here at Jesuit. But again, there are so many deserving coaches and teachers that do so much for students, that it was almost overwhelming in a sense that it was humbling, because of all the talent on the staff.”

Mr. Knize has had a huge impact on every student who has walked through his hallways, and will continue to have for years to come.  We thank him for his hard work, dedication, and true love for the students and our school.