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Latin Lives At 2021 JCL

Salve! (Hello!)

On March 6, 2021, Jesuit Latin students came together to take on the Area C Junior Classical League Latin Competition. Unfortunately, due to Covid, competitions could not be held in person, so it was moved to a virtual format. The Jesuit students competed in a number of categories including but not limited to Art, Mythology, History, and Geography. Competitors came from public and private schools from the greater DFW area, including Greenhill School, St Mark’s School of Texas, Fort Worth Country Day, Highland Park Highschool, JJ Pearce, and many more. With difficulties ranging from Level 1/2 (for beginners) to Veteran Level (for people who want to compete after high school), Latin students were able to showcase their talents at the many different contests. Pro victoria et honoris pro! (For victory and for honor!)

The following Jesuit students who were placed in their categories are….

Latin Derivatives

1st – Carter Trupiano – Level III

2nd – Connor McSorley – Level III

8th – Grant Kostos – Level III

5th – Joey Trigiani – Level IV

Reading Comprehension Advanced – Poetry

2nd – Joey Trigiani – Level IV


1st – Brandon Gibson – Level I

2nd – Ajay Bhavan – Level III


2nd – Jackson Shutze – Level I

3rd – Caden Cutchall – Level I

7th – Parker Rasco – Level II

1st – Carter Trupiano – Level III

2nd – Jake Reed – Level III

Roman History

4th – Travis Bruce – Level II

1st – Jake Reed – Level III

3rd – Ajay Bhavan – Level III

5th – Gavin Nourallah – Level III

Roman Life

1st – Josiah Black – Level II

9th – Jose Alvarado – Level II

5th – Jack Sharp – Level IV

Latin Literature

1st – Victor Martinez – Level III

Greek History

1st – Grant Richey – Level III

Greek Life and Literature

2nd – Jose Alvarado – Level II

1st – Connor McSorley – Level III

3rd – Grant Richey – Level III

4th – Victor Martinez – Level III

Greek Derivatives

1st – Matthew Casey – Level III


1st – Grant Kostos – Level III

Sight Recitation

3rd – Blake Woodard – Level III Prose

Monochromatic Drawing

1st – Jake Reed – Level III

4th – Gavin Nourallah – Level III


1st – Carter Trupiano – Level III


6th – Caden Cutchall – Level I

Mixed Media

7th – Cole Kostos

9th – Grant Kostos – Level III

Chess Tournament

4th – Travis Bruce – Level II

Kahoot Competition

2nd – Will Mansour – Level III

Then on April 23, 2021, the Jesuit Latin students took on their next competition: JCL State. Once again virtual, our Jesuit competitors took on a number of different categories in difficulties ranging from Latin 1/2 to Veteran level. And yet again, the Jesuit Latin Students were able to show their talents and bring home some medals!

Academic Pentathalon

1st – Cartier Trupiano – Level III

2nd – Connor McSorley – Level III

2nd – Jack Fletcher – Level II

2nd – Caden Cutchall – Level I

3rd – Matthew Casey – Level III

3rd – John Fowler – Level I

3rd – Brandon Gibson – Level I

4th – Ajay Bhavan – Level III


1st – Carter Trupiano – Level III

Latin Derivatives

1st – Caden Cutchall – Level I

Ancient Geography

3rd – Connor McSorley – Level III

8th – Jack Fletcher – Level II

Greek Life & Literature

4th – Connor McSorley – Level III

Latin Reading Comprehension

5th – Caden Cutchall – Level I

10th – Parker Rasco – Level II

Monochromatic Drawing

6th – Jake Reed – Level III

Roman Empire History

7th – Brandon Gibson – Level I

Latin Mottoes

7th – Brandon Gibson – Level I

Latin Sight Recitation

8th – Blake Woodard – Level III

Greek Derivatives

9th – Matthew Casey – Level III

Miscellaneous Art – Map of Italy

9th – Caden Cutchall – Level I

Latin Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose

10th – Matthew Casey – Level III

Latin Vocabulary

10th – Blake Woodard – Level III

And finally, from July 24 through the 30, 2021, the Jesuit Latin Program looked to take on the JCL Nationals competition, where they competed against different Latin students from all over the United States. These are the awards won by our students…..


1st – Carter Trupiano – Level III


2nd – Gavin Nourallah – Level III


3rd – Gavin Nourallah – Level III


5th – Jake Reed – Level III

We look forward to the JCL Area C competition in February of 2022, which will be held right here at Jesuit! This will be the first in-person competition since 2019, and our students eagerly await their opportunity to attain victory!

Vale! (Goodbye!)