At the end of January’s mass, Coach Koch announced to the Jesuit community about the food drive occurring at Jesuit. Informing the community, the school’s collaboration with Catholic Charities, the North Texas Food Bank, and other catholic schools.

Jesuit has been cooperating with other Catholic High Schools in the DFW area to give Catholic Charities their most beneficial charity drive. Each school has been trying to get at least 5,000 pounds of food. In Jesuit’s cooperation with the North Texas Food Bank, they promised to match pound for pound the food. If Jesuit and its fellow high schools succeed, 50,000 pounds of food will be raised. Let’s see how Jesuit contributed to hunger:

Pounds and More Pounds of Food

When asked on Friday how many cans in total were delivered, Coach Koch explained, “[Jesuit is] still collecting, they’re still coming in and there is some money donated, so I think when all is said and done according to Catholic Charities we’re gonna be a little over ten thousand pounds… Lynch collected nine thousand, Ursuline collected almost three thousand, and Bishop Dunne and John Paul are supposed to be finishing there’s up this week. We’re hoping between the five Catholic schools to raise over thirty thousand. And we’ve got twenty-three parochial schools gonna join in this year and we hope they’ll collect almost twenty thousand.”

Coach Koch was then asked what was it like to cooperate with the North Texas Food Bank. This is his response, “They’re real easy to work with… between them and Catholic Charities everything is working very smooth. Such a great setup… North Texas Food Bank didn’t have the manpower to distribute it, and Catholic Charities of Dallas had the manpower to distribute it but didn’t have the food, so that partnership has been working really well in Dallas.”


When asked about how he felt about the student body’s donations, Coach Koch responded, “They came through and they always do. Everyone needed a little nudge at the very end, but we came through and outstanding participation… I think that the Jesuit students know how important this is… how little we can do goes a long way for the Dallas community.”

With the total donations in place, Jesuit Dallas and its fellow schools will make a significant difference in the Dallas community.

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