Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Jesuit’s Newest Campus Ministry Staff Member: An Interview With Dorrie Andrews

Jesuit’s Newest Campus Ministry Staff Member: An Interview With Dorrie Andrews

The Campus Ministry Staff has always worked tirelessly for Jesuit, planning masses, examens, prayers, and retreats. Recently, the team has received its newest member: Dorrie Andrews. This week, The Roundup interviewed Mrs. Andrews to gain insight into her role at Campus Ministry.

Why did you pick being part of the Campus Ministry Staff, as opposed to another job?

“When I learned about the open position in Campus Ministry office at Jesuit, I was so excited about the opportunity to be back in a school setting and utilize my business experience at the same time.  My previous job, which involved in-store training on baby products at the local baby stores in Dallas, ended in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic, so I was interested in finding a new job.   I never dreamed I would have this wonderful opportunity to work at Jesuit!  The Campus Ministry position gives me the opportunity to work at an amazing school that exemplifies amazing teachings and values.  It’s great to be a part of this community.”

How do the day-to-day responsibilities for your job look like?

“I assist Mrs. Crowder with the behind-the-scenes organization of the Kairos Retreats, weekly masses, and prayer services.  You may find me printing mass programs, setting up masses in the Terry Center, or organizing packets for Retreats.”

What is your favorite part of your day at Jesuit Dallas?

“Being right by the cafeteria, I enjoy watching as the school environment changes throughout the day.  The mornings are reflective and quiet as students gather independently to study, read, or relax.  As the day goes on, it’s great to see all the meaningful interactions between the students and the teachers.”

Why is being part of the Campus Ministry important to you?

“I have been given this great opportunity to work with an amazing group of staff members and students to assist with the formation of all the wonderful men at Jesuit.  To see it and be around it every day is such a gift to me.  To know that I am a small part of this great journey brings me so much joy.”

What are your hobbies outside of working at Jesuit?

 “I enjoy all water sports – fishing, boating, water skiing, wake surfing, and swimming.  I grew up in Tallahassee, FL so I enjoy being near the water.  I also enjoy photography and any type of arts and crafts.”

 Did you have any previous jobs before coming to Jesuit? If so, what were they?

“Right after college, I worked as a Math Teacher in South Carolina and Florida.  While teaching, I attended grad school in the evenings and completed my MBA.  I decided to leave teaching for the corporate world in banking.  Later, I took time off from work to be with my 3 small children. During that time our family had the great experience to move to Seattle, WA for a couple of years for my husband’s job.  My last job was partnering with baby vendors to provide training to store employees in baby products such as stroller, car seats, infant carriers, and other baby gear.”

Overall, do you enjoy Jesuit Dallas, and why or why not?

“Yes! Absolutely!  The faculty, staff, and students are all so friendly and welcoming.  It’s fun being a part of such a respected school that is so well known and so full of history and tradition.”

If you see Mrs. Andrews around the hall, make sure you say thank you for everything she does for our school!

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