Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Jesuit’s Entrepreneurship Club: An Interview With Dea Ochs

Jesuit’s Entrepreneurship Club: An Interview With Dea Ochs

With the 1st semester coming to a close, I interviewed Dea Ochs with the Entrepreneurship Club to get an idea of what they have accomplished so far. Here is what she had to say.


What has the Jesuit Dallas Entrepreneurship Club accomplished so far this year?

“Honestly, the Entrepreneurship Club lost most of its active members when the Class of 2020 graduated. Last year there were a handful of committed members that kept the club afloat. I am proud of how successful the Pop Sockets have sold this Fall but I am most proud that the Entrepreneurship Club can now boast about having 44 members. I am also happy to have many, many freshmen and sophomore members.”


How are the items the club has been selling this year compared to previous years?

“The Entrepreneurship Club has developed and sold a number of products over the years. We have designed and marketed an online tutorial service called ‘Study Smart’; we designed and sold embroidered Jesuit key fobs and before that embroidered Jesuit belts. Because everything can be blamed on Covid, our sales were, understandably slow at first but sales of the Pop Socket picked up remarkably once everyone came back to be on campus together.”


Why were you interested in pop sockets as opposed to something different?

“The members of the Entrepreneurship Club had so many ideas regarding what product they wanted to develop and sell. We spent, literally, months discussing options and conducting focus groups, and doing feasibility studies. We landed on Pop Sockets knowing it was a (relatively) short-term commitment and that we could explore another product once Pop Sockets we’re all sold.”


Are there pop sockets still available? Where can I get them?

“I am very proud to say that I expect all our Pop Sockets to be sold by the end of 2021. The Entrepreneurship Club has a booth at the Jesuit Bazaar on Saturday, December 4. Come by our booth and purchase one for $5!”


Does the entrepreneurship club have an idea for their next product?

“We will begin brainstorming and discussing our new product at the beginning of this Spring semester. The whole process takes about two school years from conception to design to manufacturing to marketing to sales.”


Is there a way to join the entrepreneurship club?

“The Entrepreneurship Club is always welcoming new members. Email me at and I will enroll you on the RangerNet Entrepreneurship Club page. The Entrepreneurship Club meets every Monday during CT in room A121.”

Finally, if you were to describe the club in one word, what would it be and why?

Multifaceted, because being an entrepreneur requires so many different skills and talents. Very few people are successful at all of them. Some people are great at coming up with creative ideas. Other people are great at taking ideas and figuring out how to make them actually work and become a reality. Some people are naturals at accounting and keeping the details of the business organized. Other people are fantastic at marketing and sales. Part of what we do in the Entrepreneurship Club is to explore what skills and talents members have and can share with the group.”


With that wrapped up, we strongly suggest you join the Entrepreneurship Club. Visit the Jesuit Bazaar on Saturday, December 4th to purchase your own pop socket for only $5! This money helps the club get involved in more projects and overall continue to function.