Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Jesuit Students Serving as Faculty in New Program

Jesuit Students Serving as Faculty in New Program

“GET A JOB!” This expression, said by everyone from politicians, to disappointed parents, to disgruntled English teachers, has really cemented itself into American culture. Jesuit Dallas will follow the ideals of said expression by offering faculty positions to students beginning this summer. Over the past few weeks, Jesuit has run through a series of “trial runs” to prepare for these changes.

What types of positions will be offered?

Students will be allowed to work as teachers with this new program. These opportunities will give students excellent credits to add to their resumé. Also, the administration is working so that students teachers can also get credit for their education degrees.

What have the “trial runs” shown?

The “trial runs” lead to mixed results. Many students managed to get a positive experience while serving as teachers. However, a sizable number of students felt overwhelmed by the teaching process. In classrooms with students as teachers, there was an incredible divide between behaved and misbehaved classrooms. Some classrooms saw very disciplined and engaged students while others saw absolute chaos. It seems as if students will fall into two modes of thinking with a student-teacher, either feel compelled to behave because the teacher is “one of them,” or completely disregard anything the student-teacher has to say because they aren’t an adult, so why should they listen to them.

Room A237 experienced a tragic series of events where students created a “mutiny” against the student teacher. The room was absolutely demolished by the classmates, resulting in debates within administration about whether or not to continue the program.

The disaster of A237

However, despite the tragedy that happened in A237, administration will still allow for the program to move forward. This has lead to divided opinions within the student teacher community. Many are thankful that the program is staying so that they can get credit for the education degrees, while many are worried that the events of A237 will occur again.

I attempted to get the opinion of the student teacher who worked in A237 during the “mutiny,” but he refused to speak on the matter.

So what does this program mean for the future?

It means nothing because this is an April Fools Day piece ;)