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Jesuit, It’s Been Great – A Reflection by Enrique Berrios

Jesuit, It’s Been Great – A Reflection by Enrique Berrios

Today is May 9, 2015, the day after the 2015 Jesuit Special Games. One day after my last official day at Jesuit College Prep, I feel incredibly bored. I tried checking my favorite YouTube channels, but I could not find any new content. I tried listening to music, but I could not focus. I should probably study for the six AP exams I have next week, but that sounds awful. I would rather write. So, while eating cereal out of my favorite cup, I am going to reflect on my time at Jesuit.

Jesuit is a special place. Although most subjective ideas cannot be stated with absolute assurance, I believe certain subjective statements can be as true as facts. Anyone who has walked through these halls would agree with me. You can feel it around you. Jesuit has done so much for me. I will never experience Jesuit in the same way. Memories of my time are not enough. I need evidence. Luckily, I have this proof in every Jesuit senior. These men prove that Jesuit is a very special place that transforms freshman into Men for Others.

I was just a little kid when I started school at Jesuit. Now, I am almost an adult, or at least, I think so. When I graduate from college, I will probably have the same reaction. Has this change been a product of time or Jesuit or both? You probably already know that I am going to say both. People learn from their experiences over time. Jesuit has provided the best experiences possible. It has been pivotal to my formation. I will continue to age and mature, but I will never forget my time at Jesuit. Or will I?

The worst part of this is that I barely remember my first year at Jesuit. I once told a friend that I have a very good memory, but it is selective. I remember specific things from my freshman year, but I could not give a good summary. Hopefully, I have remembered the important things. Over my lifetime, memories from Jesuit will fade, but what they have taught me will always remain. In addition, having lifelong friends will help. The rich experiences, which they have given me, have transformed Jesuit into a second home, and many people hate leaving home.

Although I want to say that I never want to leave, I should not lie. I want to leave more than anything. This page is about to turn. Delaying it would yield detrimental results. I want to leave Jesuit, and I want leave my house. The only thing I wish I could keep is my amazing group of friends, who have guided me through my time at Jesuit. They have made my time here memorable and exciting. They are the people that fate has dealt me, and I would never want to change that. Each Jesuit class is unique. This one is mine, and I must leave soon.

Jesuit, I’m going to miss you. Until next time…whenever that will be.