Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Jesuit Football Summer Cooking Contest

Jesuit Football Summer Cooking Contest


For Jesuit Football, when we workout we have this thing called a “Ranger Challenge,” which is a way for us to get bigger, stronger, and more mentally tough. So, when we transitioned over to online workouts the grind did not stop. The first couple Ranger Challenges were workout related. These included wall-sits and who can run the furthest during our 20 minute runs. However, in early May people started to post what they were eating before workouts. This gave Coach Hickman a great idea, having a cooking contest.

So the date for the contest was set on May 15th. Everyone would have to send in a video of themselves cooking a meal, to prove no parents were involved. Over thirty players participated in the contest, and we flooded SportsYou with great cooking.

There were all sorts of meals ranging from pasta to burgers and all the in between. Even though all the food looked great, four chefs stood out over the rest: Chef Coach Hickman, Chef Michael Esteve, Chef Jake Taylor, and Chef Ryan Graham.

The Finalists

Ryan Graham ’21

First, we have Chef Ryan Graham, who cooked steaks with loaded potatoes for him and his family.

Jake Taylor ’21

Then, there is Chef Jake Taylor, who made a gourmet pasta with tomato sauce, sausage, and beef with a side of bread and side salad.

Coach Hickman cutting up ribs

Next, Chef Coach Hickman smoked a rack of baby back ribs for four hours, 8 pieces of Salmon for two hours and then grilled some asparagus and stuffed mushrooms.

Michael Esteve ’21

And finally, Chef Michael Esteve cooked up pork tenderloin with salad and potatoes. Then, for dessert he baked a delicious looking chocolate cake with a secret family recipe.

Chef Michael Esteve won the majority of 36.8% of the vote, making him the Ranger Challenge Cooking Champion!

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