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Jesuit Dallas Museum Status Continues to Rise

Jesuit Dallas Museum Status Continues to Rise

In 2014, Sam Powell 17′ wrote the article Jesuit Welcomes New Museum Director, which profiled new director of the Jesuit Dallas Museum, Elizabeth Hunt Blanc. The Jesuit Museum has seen many changes in the eight years under Mrs. Hunt Blanc. After much research and information from Mrs. Hunt Blanc herself, I present the changes to the Jesuit Museum!

Goals and Changes

In 2014, Mrs. Hunt Blanc set out to curate and attract exhibitions that enhance the mission of the Jesuit Museum. She also wanted to increase the institution’s standing in the community, and engage with local and Jesuit alumni artists.

Twenty-two exhibitions have been curated since 2014, and each exhibition aims to support the Museum’s mission:

“To enhance the educational experience of students and the broader community through awareness, appreciation, and passion for art.”

Undoubtedly one of the most influential exhibitions was September – December 15, Ground Zero 360. This was a national, traveling September 11 Memorial exhibition featuring original photography, relics, and survivors’ stories. Furthermore, the exhibition explored social justice with Johannes Boekhoudt: Beyond the Rain, January 9, 2017 – March 9, 2017.

Moreover, Mrs. Hunt Blanc , has curated exhibitions for David Collins ‘84, Jared Moossy ’98, Brooks Oliver ’06, Bob Stuth-Wade ’71, and two collections of Bill DeOre ’65. Last but not least, the David Bates, Texas Artists, and Courage: Lewis & Clark: Wild Waterways & Wayfairings: Photography by Dr. David Ranney also brought an excellent audience to the school.

David Collins ‘84, painting: Navigator
Bob Stuth-Wade ’71, Drawing: She Wants Me, Out of Africa, Miss Me, Pol Pot Dies of Heart Attack, Untitled Nuclear Test, RIP Seinfeld

The Focus Now

Now, Mrs. Hunt Blanc and the Museum board are in the final stage of accreditation for the Jesuit Dallas Museum. The Jesuit Dallas Museum has an excellent board who have worked diligently on the Core Documents of Verification with the Alliance of American Museums. The Core Documents (Mission statement, Institutional Code of Ethics, Strategic Plan, Collection Management Policy, Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Plan and Strategic Plan) show that the Jesuit Dallas Museum has the five essential museum plans and policies and verify the museum has an educational mission and documents that meet the required elements to complete full accreditation.

Additionally, they also launched a new website for the Jesuit Dallas Museum in December of 2021, and have a group of trained docents who conduct tours for the students and the public.

They are planing to have tours again this year with their next exhibition being the Texas Artists in the Jesuit Dallas Museum in March, 2022. The exhibit will feature six works by the noted Texas artist Otis Dozier that were recently donated to the Museum.

R.C. Gorman, sculpture: Navajo Code Talker

New Art

In addition to all her work, Mrs. Hunt Blanc has had fifty-one acquisitions and 20 donations since 2014. This includes the donation of the Dietschy Pre-Columbian Collection, and Chandler Roosevelt Lindsey’s Native American Ceramic collection.

Undoubtedly the most significant work is the George Braque Hommage to J.S. Bach, 1950-59

Along with this work other notable works include

  • Nic Nicosia ’69 (1951 Texas) A Hike & a Walk (Santa Fe, NM) Texas Inkjet Print, 2005.
  • Lee N. Smith III (1950 Texas) Lightning Field 1997.
  •  David Bates, Man with Gold Tooth, 1982
  • Robert Indiana, American (1928 – ) The American Dream #2 Suite 1982 Suite of Four Serigraphs.
  • Sedrick Huckaby Gone but not Forgotten: Sha Sha 2017.                    
  • Shawn Smith Red Tiger Shark sculpture.
Shawn Smith, sculpture: Red Tiger Shark
George Braque, painting: Hommage to J.S. Bach


“Beauty & Newness of Life”: Scenes and Landscapes in the JDM Collection

August 20, 2021 – March 15, 2022.

The “Beauty & Newness of Life” aims at showing the beauty of nature through images and express the feelings of the artists depicting the nature. The undeniable need to preserve the landscape, is shown in the relationship between the artist and the land. These artists paint beauty in different ways and allow us to share our emotions, and desires. Namely, they capture the landscapes of California, Louisiana, New Mexico, France, Spain, Italy and other places. In particular, art features from Walter Chappell, Alan Feltus, William Higgins, Peter Hurd, May Kugler, Norman Lloyd, Stefan Lokos, and Bob Stuth-Wade ’71 are presented .

Otis Dozier Texas Artists from the Jesuit Dallas Museum Collection

March 21, 2022 – August, 2022

The Jesuit Dallas Museum recently acquired six lithographs by a famous Texas artist, Otiz Dozier that will be featured in the exhibition. Otis Dozier (1904 -1987) was a noted  member the Texas regionalist artists known as the Dallas Nine. Otis Dozier was also the teacher of David Bates and Dozier’s style was characterized by brilliant colors and strong forms and focused on the plight of farmers during the Great Depression.

His work is featured along with David Bates, David Collins, Sedrick, and Huckaby.

Nic Nicosia, photo art: A Hike & A Walk      


Stay tuned to The Roundup for more news on the Jesuit Dallas Museum!