Jesuit’s cycling team performed well at the cyclocross state championships last weekend, having podium finishes in both the 15-16 and 17-18 age categories. Jack Webb ’24 won second place in the 15-16 while Lucas Ferguson ’22 and Carter Trupiano ’22 took first and third respectively in the 17-18. Overall the weekend went well, with many of the team riders participating in the Pan-American race on Sunday featuring racers from Canada and Central and South America, although Jesuit did not win any podium positions.

Cyclocross is an off-road racing discipline characterized by rigid bikes featuring skinny tires and road-style drop bars. Cyclocross racing tends to be very technical, often featuring difficult hills and turns, as well as barricades to force the rider to dismount to cross.

Lucas Ferguson ’22 picks up speed through a wide turn
From left to right: Nick Archer ’23, Collin McKinney ’23, and Carter Trupiano ’22 carry their bikes through a pit of sand
Carter Trupiano ’22 runs his bike up a steep uphill
Collin McKinney ’23 remounts his bike after crossing an obstacle
Carter Trupiano ’22 navigates a steep downhill turn