Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Guest Speaker Kevin Ramos Lectures Medical Society

Guest Speaker Kevin Ramos Lectures Medical Society

On Monday, September 29, Medical Society hosted guest speaker and Jesuit alumnus Kevin Ramos ’10. Ramos graduated from Saint Louis University this year and works in the medical field as a nurse. His presentation opened students up to the nursing profession and gave them a male perspective in the field.


Ramos explained how the experience of being a male nurse differs from that of a female nurse. Reflecting on this subject, Medical Society President Sean Howard ’16 stated, “When most guys think about entering the field of medicine, they never really consider nursing—it has traditionally been seen as a women’s only profession.” There is a shortage of male nurses. Only around 10% of male nurses in Ramos’ nursing program were males.



The need for male nurses extends beyond gender equality. Medical Society Moderator Mr. Max von Schlehenried explained, “There are a lot of patients who feel more comfortable around a male nurse rather than a female nurse.” Thus, the gender gap must be bridged in order to best serve patients.


Ramos also stressed the differences between becoming a physician and becoming a nurse. “For one, nursing is a very communal, person-to-person, career. Unlike doctors, who might only diagnose or undergo surgery, nurses really connect with the patient,” explained Howard. In addition to stressing the personal connection a nurse experiences, Ramos also stated that nurses have more opportunities to travel the country since the profession is in high demand and nurses are not completely locked down like many doctors are. By the end of the presentation, many students understood that the nursing profession is a real possibility for them. It helped to expand the definition of the medical field.


The presentation successfully introduced students to a new perspective and reminded them that the medical field is not just about becoming a physician. “I feel like Kevin was a great opener for the Medical Society’s monthly guest speakers; he was witty, introduced a whole new perspective, and could really relate to the students,” stated Howard.


Medical Society has had veterinarians, optometrists, physicians, and physical therapists give lectures. Ramos’ presentation adds to this tradition and helped Jesuit students strive towards being open to growth, an essential characteristic of the Profile of the Graduate.