Intricate snowflakes lined the garnished hallways of Jesuit, with the reverberations of melodious tunes ringing throughout the night. Lights of all colors shone bright both on the outside of the school, and on the convivial dance floor. Diverse in many ways, Jesuit, Ursuline, and Notre Dame School students came together to enjoy a night full of refreshing treats, uncontrollable laughter, and carefree boogieing. On its 10th anniversary at Jesuit, the Notre Dame Dance reigned as yet another unforgettable night, filled with the most Christmas merriment in Dallas.

After months of preparation for the dance, the Interact Rotary service club was able to kick back and let loose, enjoying the fruits of their scrupulous labor. The creators of the beautiful and well-appreciated decorations truly made the night, planning for the big event weeks in advance, the culmination of their work ultimately transforming the campus into a Winter Wonderland on December 8th. Starting as early as October for the night two months ahead, the team deliberated over each detail that would make the night extraordinary, brainstorming creative ideas and embarking on the creation of their heaps of snow. Included in the decorations, personalized reindeer adorned with each Notre Dame students’ face were crafted to fit this year’s theme.

Before the dance, the organization helped out the seniors at their Wednesday service site. There, Mrs. Gerber, the Interact’s faculty leader, noted that the team astoundingly “formed and strengthened relationships, even after just a couple of hours one day.” She emphasized that one of the most exciting parts of the dance is watching the kids’ smiles when they see their faces displayed on the wall.

Passionately elaborating about what the dance meant to her, Mrs. Gerber said “the most noteworthy and heartwarming thing about the dance was that the dance started at 7:00, but the Notre Dame students show up at 6:15.” Arriving 45 minutes early to a school organized dance exists seemingly unheard of to a typical Jesuit student, sometimes even planning to arrive 45 minutes late; however, Mrs. Gerber noted that the kids were “unafraid,” not caring about what other people think and “confidently dancing by themselves on the dance floor with the lights on.”

Amongst the many Jesuit students who lost themselves to dance, John Lindberg ’18 had a great time, reflecting that it was “just a positive feedback loop of happiness. Their happiness fueled my happiness and my happiness fueled their happiness.”

A night filled with new and old friends, endless laughs, and tender, loving fun, Jesuit hosted yet another successful annual event, all credit to the enthusiasm of the Jesuit, Ursuline, and Notre Dame students who worked to create something unforgettable. With all of the joy that came from this year’s dance, next year’s dance is definitely a date to save on your calendars.