Jesuit students and their courageous moms stopping for a photo prior to the race

If you happened to drive by the Northpark Center on the morning of October 26, 2019, you might have noticed streets blocked off for some race. You also might’ve seen a stage like that for a concert. The sea of pink, however, should’ve certainly revealed the heart and soul of this event.

This last Saturday morning in October marks the Susan G Komen “Race for the Cure” 5k, dedicated to promoting awareness for breast cancer and raising money to continue the fight against breast cancer. The annual race hosts thousands of breast cancer survivors and their families. The event also honors those who fell short in their battle with the terrible disease.

Starting line for the Race for the Cure 5k

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming to a close, Jesuit’s “Men for Mothers” took part in the race and raised money for the Susan G Komen Foundation. The “Men for Mothers” team consisted of survivors of breast cancer who have sons currently enrolled at Jesuit. The event celebrates the fight these courageous women have fought and continue to fight.

The “Men for Mothers” moms this year raised $16,923, completely blowing the $5,000 goal out of the water. All of the money collected directly benefits the Susan G Komen Foundation to help with research and treatment for women continuing their struggle against breast cancer.

Anyone who has witnessed a loved one or close friend battle cancer knows the pain and hardship endured by the individual with the disease. From the fear of whether or not the surgery will go as planned to praying the chemo or radiation treatment will not be too extreme, the process of treating cancer is a harsh sight to behold. This race, therefore, idolizes those women who persevered through a journey most people could not. And within the Jesuit community, the “Men for Mothers” organization honors the bravery and no-quit attitude of these moms.

Jesuit “Men for Mothers” moms who are survivors of breast cancer posing for a photo before the 8 am start.

In reflecting on this year’s experience, Jacob Phillips ’20, whose mom is a breast cancer survivor, stated, “it’s really good to come out and support breast cancer awareness and raise a lot of money for the Susan G Komen Foundation. [The walk] helps raise awareness for the foundation which is really meaningful to me.” When asked about the importance of walking with his mom and his Jesuit brothers who also have moms in the same situation, he said that “it’s nice to show support for the cause and be able to walk with my Jesuit family and my real family.”

Jack Young ’21 also commented on the particular event: “The walk raises awareness and funding for the cancer research, which my mother is currently battling. It has provided funding for new treatments and research, and gives hope to those affected by cancer.” He went on to discuss the significance of partaking in the even with the Jesuit community, saying, “walking with the Jesuit community was exciting and gave me a chance to share this wonderful experience with other Jesuit families.”

The Jesuit guys who walked with their moms, supporting their mother’s fight against breast cancer.

While the morning got off to a chilly start, the event ran smoothly and was rewarding for everyone there. If you would like to take part in the fight against breast cancer, you can donate to the Susan G Komen Foundation on their website.

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