Feature image photographed by Patrick Bennett '22 from The Last Roundup

You drive up to your date’s front door. A large, colorful sign decorated with a pun lays in the backseat. Your heart is racing anxiously, as the agonizing thought of rejection comes into mind, but you are ready to take a chance on your date. Your hands clutch the steering wheel, eyes flickering back and forth. You finally turn off the car, step out, and grab his sign and walk up to the door, a Jesuit keychain hanging out of your pocket…

Source: The Last Roundup

Many junior and senior students endured a similar process when asking their dates out to the much-anticipated homecoming dance. Whether you went with a date or a group of just guys, on Saturday, October 19, juniors and seniors alike gathered on the Jesuit Dallas campus to enjoy a night of fun with their friends.

John Hibbs ’20 (left), Jack Walker ’20 (center), and Patrick Bret (right) arriving at Jesuit dressed in their costumes. Courtesy of Patrick Bret ’20

Set-Up and Student Opinions

Covered in western-themed decorations, the Terry Center, the cafeteria, and the Hall of Honors were open to students to dance, eat, and hang out with their friends. Gavin Martinez ’20 said “I thought the decorations outside were really well done. The western theme was fun”

Source: Gregory Pope
Source: Julia Pendola

In the Terry Center, the DJ was playing music for the students to dance to. There was also a photo booth where groups could take cowboy-themed pictures together. Nash Crawford ’20 said, “I liked the music that the DJ was playing in the Terry Center.”

Buffalo Wild Wings set up their table in the cafeteria for students to take a break from the party. Also in the cafeteria was a casino for the students and tables to sit down and eat. Clark Brown ’21 remarked, “The wings were the best part of the night!”

Source: The Last Roundup

Ben Levis ’21 commented, “I enjoyed spending time with my friends and taking pictures at the photo booth with Mr. Kamara and Mr. Ferguson. Homecoming was a great night.” Asher Smith ’20 also mentioned, “The best part was seeing my junior as well as senior brothers outside of normal school hours to have fun together.”

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