“There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.” – Tommy Lasorda

Coming off strong after a tremendous 2019 season, one with only four losses, the returning Juniors hope to have another great season in a tough district, but this time with some new Sophomores. Now, after practicing day in and day out from after school, the Jesuit JV Baseball team finally kicks off the 2020 regular season after easily winning all their scrimmages in the postseason. I had the opportunity to interview two of Juniors on the team, Jack Mason ‘21 and Zachary Freeman ‘21, to get a more detailed insight on how the season’s been going.

The JV team has participated in two major tournaments so far – Here’s an analysis on how they went:

Highland Park Tournament

Four games were played – Score Report

  1. On February 27: Jesuit vs Colleyville Heritage 
    1. Score: W, 5-2
  2. On February 28: Jesuit vs Keller
    1. Score: L, 6-7
  3. On February 28: Jesuit vs Rockwall
    1. Score: L, 3-4
  4. On February 29: Jesuit vs Mckinney North
    1. Score: W, 11-1
Post Tournament Interview:

Athlete Spotlight: Jack Mason 21’

Recap on the Tournament Week:

Image result for jack mason baseball
Jack Mason ’21

“We went 2 and 2 last weekend, it was a little disappointing. We lost two games by one run in the last inning. We also have the Hebron tournament coming up, which is Coach Pointer’s
favorite tournament. He always wants to win and jokes around, bu
t all the players know he is serious.”

Any outstanding performances?

“Yeah, Tommy Delaney 22’ hit two home runs last weekend. It was pretty cool to see a younger guy shine like that.”

Hebron JV Tournament

Five games were played – Score Report

  1. On March 5: Jesuit vs The Colony
    1. Score: W, 11-1
  2. On March 5: Jesuit vs Frisco Centennial
    1. Score: W, 14-4
  3. On March 6: Jesuit vs Frisco Independence
    1. Score: W, 8-3
  4. On March 6: Jesuit vs Colleyville Heritage
    1. Score: W, 0-0
  5. On March 7: Jesuit vs Hebron
    1. Score: W, 9-1
Post Tournament Interview:

Athlete Spotlight: Jack Mason 21’

Recap on the Tournament Week:

Mason continued, saying “We went 5-0! We have finally started to fully come together as a team for the most part. We aren’t totally playing to the best of our ability but we should be at the level we want by the time district comes. There’s always room for improvement”

How was Coach Pointer after his big tournament?
Coach Pointer

“He was pretty happy with how we played. He said we got done what needed to be done. He just wants us to keep on working on our game and improving for the time district rolls in.” 

Then, I interviewed Zachary Freeman 21’ about the season and the team as a whole:

What do you think are the team’s strengths and weaknesses and your overall feelings towards the season ahead?

  • “Coming off a solid first two tournaments Coach Pointer has definitely made it clear that we have some things to work on in the midst of our success. Being a Junior and having the ability to compare this season to last season there is an obvious difference in energy among my teammates. Baseball is supposed to be fun, and I believe it’s only a matter 
    Image result for zachary freeman jesuit baseball
    Zachary Freeman ’21

    of time before we grow closer as teammates and start to get a lot rowdier in the dugout. With that, we have a lot of things to be excited about, we have a lot of depth with the current Sophomores on the team. We have stars like Tommy Delaney and other great guys. A strength we have would be pitching, game in and game out. We got guys who are willing to go the whole game to try and shut down the opponent. Finally, with district games starting up over Spring Break, I’ll be confident in our team, and I believe we have a good shot at being district champs.”

Upcoming Event: Jesuit Round Robin

Jesuit JV Baseball Games –

  1. March 12: Jesuit vs Prosper
  2. March 12: Jesuit vs Highland Park
  3. March 13: Jesuit vs Lovejoy
  4. March 14: Jesuit vs Rockwall Heath

As the team had many amazing performances, especially at the Hebron Tournament, we would expect nothing but more wins to come.

For more coverage on Jesuit JV Baseball, stay tuned to The Roundup for more!