Senior year. The year you’re always looking forward to. Your brain thinks, “If I can just survive junior year, then I’ll be fine because I can enjoy senior year.” Applications turned in by first semester. Your life is changing, and you want to cram some last-minute memories before you go to college. One thing that seniors get to enjoy is their unique awards ceremony, where each one of them walks through the Terry Center, students, faculty, and parents all watching.

As coronavirus canceled all school and all activities for the rest of the year, Senior Convocation cannot be held in school. Nevertheless, the administration is announcing the winners of major awards throughout this week, which will also be commenced at graduation, such as the JSN Award. The Jesuit Schools Network Award is presented in each of the 52 Jesuit schools in the US to the member, who as a man for others, models the ideal profile of Jesuit education. This year’s winner is Will Nickols.

Will Nickols serves as president of the Jesuit Medical Society, student body vice-president and a captain for the powerlifting team. Furthermore, he performs excellently in school and commits himself to many service-driven projects.

Congratulations to Will Nickols!

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