Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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COVID-19: Can any good come of it?

COVID-19: Can any good come of it?

My whole life I’ve heard that, in bad times, you should always look for the silver lining. The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused bad times. We can’t attend school in person, major milestones in our lives have been canceled, and people can’t go to work outside of their homes. The people who do have to go to work outside of their homes are putting themselves at risk. Millions have lost their jobs and food shortages may be on the verge due to outbreaks at processing plants. Also, sports and live entertainment have been shut down and our government can’t seem to agree on the best way forward. And of course, toilet paper is scarce.

Is there any good that can come out of all this? I say yes.

  1. Time with family. Typically, most of our time is spent at school, playing sports, and participating in other activities. This leaves us minimal time with our families. Now, we are able to enjoy some extra time with our family members, eating dinner, playing games, and taking family walks.
  2. Free time with friends. Normally, life is so busy that we have to schedule our down time. Now, with looser schedules, we have more free time. This allows us to virtually socialize more through video games and social media. We can also take extra time to exercise and simply hang out.
  3. The environment is getting a major break. The smog in Los Angeles has lifted substantially. You are now able to see the full city line from nearby areas instead of just the few buildings closest to you. The canals in Venice have cleared up. There is a lot less boat traffic, which leaves more room for marine life such as dolphins in the waterways, and there has been a  reduction in how much trash is in these canals. Even lions have been spotted in South Africa on roads because there is no traffic keeping them away. In Alaska, bears have been seen taking naps on major roads because there is a lack of human interference. Even mountain goats have claimed the streets in Wales, marching up and down like they own the place. Air pollution in India, the country with one of the highest population densities in the world, is at a 20-year low. 

Maybe we all needed to slow down. We have all been brought up during a time where all of our activities, including fun, are scheduled. Now, we’re living through a period where time constraints are minimal and opportunities for relaxation are more frequent. 

I hope that, if nothing else, we all are able to take away from this situation a newfound appreciation for what we have, and for everyone who takes care of us. This applies to those inside and outside the home. Our teachers, faculty, and staff are working hard to ensure that we still get a good education and are comfortable in our new eLearning environment. Our families are doing everything in their power to keep us safe during this pandemic. If we emerge with a greater sense of gratitude, some good will have come out of it.

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