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Class of 2022 Celebrates Achievement at Junior Convocation

Class of 2022 Celebrates Achievement at Junior Convocation

Superlative. Unsurpassable. Transcendent. These are some of the words that are frequently used to describe the Class of 2022, the greatest class in Jesuit history. While it is difficult to honor such a fabled class, Junior Convocation accomplishes this feat.

On May 20th, 2021 at 8:50 pm, the junior class gathered with parents and faculty to celebrate their dedication to extracurriculars and academic achievements. For those who missed this year’s convocation, an image gallery of all award recipients can be found here.

Academic/Extracurricular Awards

John Archer

Sacraments, Morality & Justice
Music Appreciation 2
AP Literature & Composition

Evan Bare

Zach Bartholomew
Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Jet Beck
Honors Latin 3

Patrick Bennett
Honors Spanish 3

Troy Benson

Luke Brackbill

Jonathan Carney
Stage & Film Writing

Po-Hsu Chen
Latin 1

Walter Contreras
English 3

Alex D’Angelo
Men’s Chorus

Jack DeGroote
Programming 2:  Web Development

Conlan Diamond
Honors Mandarin 3
AP Literature & Composition

Quinn Diamond
Honors Precalculus
Honors Mandarin 3
AP Literature & Composition

Matthew Dubiel

Joe Elms
Men’s Chorus

Nick Evanich
Honors Precalculus
2D Design:  Digital Media

Maxwell Feffer
AP Studio Art:  Drawing

Ryan Fleming
AP Studio Art:  2-D Design

Anthony Flores
French 3

Tyler Gazzam
Community Service Leadership

Jack Giltner
Community Service Leadership

Austin Graham
Spanish 3
U.S. History
English 3
Sacraments, Morality, & Justice

Brennan Graham
Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Angel Guevara

Lucas Hernandez
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
Honors Spanish 4

Walker Houdek
Ceramics Throwing

Blake Hunter

Aarin Jain
AP Physics C Mechanics
TXML – Top Scoring Junior

Alex Johnson
Spanish 3

Riccardo Lamon
Music Appreciation 1 – Fall

Alejandro Landry
Chamber Orchestra

Max Lemme
U.S. History

Henry Limber
English 3

Diego Lopez
Community Service Leadership

Mario Lopez
Sacraments, Morality & Justice
Chamber Orchestra

Paco Lorenzo
Honors French 3
Community Service Leadership

Will Mansour

Sacraments, Morality & Justice
AP Chemistry
AP US History

Lorenzo Martinez

Jack McClure
Community Service Leadership

Ryan McCormick
Latin 3

Luke McCready
Community Service Leadership

Nahum Najera
Ceramics Throwing

Cande Narvaez
Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Oliver Naumann
Community Service Leadership

Christian Nguyen
U.S. History
Music Composition & Film Scoring

Mason Nothaft
Spanish 4

Gavin Nourallah

Wyatt Paradise
Programming 2: Web Development

Brody Pawsat
U.S. History

Arnold Perez-ValenzuelaHonors French 3
Music Appreciation 1 – Spring

DeChi Peterson
Theater Arts

Beckett Polma
Mandarin 3

Jackson Richard

Jorge Rios
Community Service Leadership

Danny Schnitzius
Music Theory – Fall

Brendan Shorey
Introduction to Jazz History & Improvisation

Joe Staubach
U.S. History

Jackson Strauser

Cody Strubel
Community Service Leadership

Jackson Summers
Ceramics: Hand Building

Phillip Thompson
Spanish 3

Joey Trigiani
Sacraments, Morality & Justice
AP Environmental Science
Honors Latin 4
Community Service Leadership

Myles Tucker
Community Service Leadership

Antonio Vela
AMC 12 – Top Scoring Junior

Mark Villalba
Honors Spanish 4
English 3

Nathaniel Walker
Honors Spanish 4

Nico Yepes
Community Service Leadership

Derek Zhang
AP Physics C Electromagnetism

Saad Zulqarnain
Theater Directing


The Office of Campus Ministry fosters religious growth in light of Catholic
tradition and the vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola by supporting all members of the
Jesuit Dallas Community.  Using their call to proclaim the faith, promote justice, and
grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  St. Stanislaus Kostka was a
great model of growth and faithfulness to Christ as he was determined to become
a Jesuit against all odds.  The St. Stanislaus Kostka Award was presented to:

Thomas Gasper

The Brother Burt Rivet, S.J. Award is named for a Jesuit brother who was a
gifted artist and who was instrumental in starting Jesuit Dallas’ art program.  His
works of art are proudly displayed in our museum collection.  Brother Rivet’s
skills in the realms of art and design have moved us to present an award in his
honor to outstanding members of Jesuit Dallas’ yearbook staff.
For dedication in their work with the yearbook, The Last Roundup, the Brother
Burt Rivet, S.J. Award was presented to:

Patrick Bennett

The Haggerty Math / Science Scholarships
Each year, one-year $2,600 tuition scholarships are awarded to selected students
entering the sophomore class level the following fall.  Funding for the
scholarships has been provided by the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas

Haggerty Math & Science Awards

To be considered for the Haggerty Math/Science scholarships, a junior must have
either a 95 average in current math and science courses or an 85 average in
current honors math and science courses.  Each candidate is then reviewed by the
faculty of both academic departments and the administration of Jesuit to
determine his achievements in mathematics and science.  Also considered are his
activities, leadership roles, and community-service involvement.

John Archer
Ajay Bhavan
Nathan Carley
Stephen Casey
Nicholas Evanich
Will Inkman
Aarin Jain
Akash Pagadala

Book Awards

The Bausch & Lomb Science Award recognizes outstanding academic
achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science.  This year’s
recipient was:

Lucas Hernandez

The Xerox award for information and technology recognizes an outstanding
junior who demonstrates achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches and
an appreciation for the possibilities of technology.  This year’s recipient was:

Carter Trupiano

Each spring the Eastman Kodak Company recognizes juniors across the nation
for their outstanding achievement in leadership and academics.  The 2021 Kodak
Young Leaders Award was presented to:

Patrick Bennett

The Rensselaer Medal book award is presented to a rising senior who has
excelled in math and science and may consider a career in science, information
technology, or web science.  This year’s recipient was:

Owen Brown

The Dartmouth College Book Award is awarded each year to an upcoming
senior who has distinguished himself as a strong student, been active in
extracurricular activities, and is recognized as a leader among his peers.  This year’s
the Dartmouth College Book award went to:

Paco Lorenzo

Each year Harvard University recognizes a junior who has demonstrated
academic excellence along with a commitment to serving the community and
participation in extracurricular activities.  This year’s the Harvard Book Award
went to:

Derek Zhang

The Frederick Douglass award in Humanities and Social Science is awarded to a
junior who demonstrates commitment to understanding and addressing difficult
social issues, is actively involved in community service and has a desire to
improve himself academically.  The Frederick Douglass award was merited by:

Ford Butler

The Saint Lawrence award recognizes a junior who displays a significant
commitment to community service.  This year’s recipient was:

Diego Torrealba

The Clarkson University Leadership & Achievement Award is merited by a
member of the junior class who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities,
and is a positive contributor to the school and community.  The Clarkson award
was presented to:

Jack McClure

The University of Virginia book award is presented to a well-rounded junior
whom Jesuit considers to best represent the Jeffersonian ideals of scholarship,
leadership, and citizenship.  The Virginia book award recipient was:

Will Mansour

The Yale book award is presented to a high school junior with exemplary
academic achievements who has also displayed intellectual promise and
outstanding personal character.  This year’s Yale book award recipient was:

John Archer


The Counselors’ Scholarship

The Counselors’ Scholarship is funded by an anonymous benefactor who
wanted to honor a student who is committed to being a Man for Others, who tries
his best, but may not be recognized as a top academic student.  They may be
involved in their church, Jesuit or their community, but they are a strong example
of what Jesuit represents.   The Counselors’ Scholarship, consisting of a $700
tuition grant, was awarded to:

Beckett Polma

Frank Guida ’02 Memorial Scholarship

The Frank Guida ‘02 Memorial Scholarship was established by Karen and Joe
Guida and the classmates of Frank Guida to recognize a junior student who strives
for excellence and has exhibited substantial talent and promise in music, theater,
or art.  We are pleased today to recognize and celebrate a junior student who has
demonstrated exceptional abilities in the fine arts.  The 2021 Frank Guida
Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $800 was presented to:

Samuel Parker

T.J. Martinez, S.J. Scholarship

The Father T.J. Martinez, S.J. Memorial Scholarship was established in 2016 in
the memory of Father Martinez, S.J. and is awarded to a rising senior who has
distinguished himself by exemplifying the spirit of community service that Fr.
Martinez championed as the Director of Community Service.  The 2021 T.J.
Martinez, S.J. Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of $1,400, was presented to:

Tyler Gazzam

Shakespeare Award

The Shakespeare Award is presented to a high school junior who demonstrates a
deep interest and curiosity about literature and how great literature works.  He
exhibits a noticeable talent in his own writing, an interest to grow in his skill as a
writer, and he inspires and motivates classmates to develop a greater appreciation
for literature.  This award comes with a $1,800 scholarship provided by Steven
and Lisa Meyer. The scholarship is to be applied to their senior year tuition.  The
Shakespeare Award was presented to:

Nick Evanich

Collins Award

The James M. Collins Citizenship Award, including a $2,000 scholarship, was
founded to honor the memory of the late Congressman James Collins and is
awarded to the juniors who best exemplify those values which the Honorable Mr. Collins represented: knowledge of history and government, participation in the
community, and American citizenship.  This year’s recipients of the James M.
Collins Citizenship Awards were:

Alex Dondis
Riccardo Lamon

Dean Oliver Clarke Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship was established in 1995 in the name of Dean Oliver Clarke of the
Class of ‘94.  The Dean Oliver Clarke Memorial Scholarship is singular in its
distinction as the only Jesuit scholarship that is without need, scholarly or
extracurricular requirements.  The purpose of the scholarship is to honor Dean,
whose greatest gift to the community was himself.  This scholarship, therefore, is
based on the character of the student and his essential quality as a member of the
school community — who, in words from our mission statement, “responds with a
generosity beyond the ordinary and commonplace” and who has, therefore, helped
“create a school community in which each individual and group receives respect
and support.”  This award carries a $2,000 scholarship stipend to be applied to
senior year tuition.  This year’s Dean Oliver Clarke Memorial Scholarship was
merited by:

Nahum Najera

Louis Kramer Memorial Scholarship

The Louis Kramer Memorial fund was created by Kris and Matt Kramer to honor
the memory of their first born son who died at the young age of two.  Jesuit
education has been a hallmark of the Kramer family since 1904 at St. Louis
University High School in Missouri.  Community service being a core component
of the profile of a Jesuit graduate, the Louis Kramer Memorial was established to
recognize and celebrate a junior student who has shown exemplary dedication to
service during his junior year, accumulating the second most service hours of any
in his class.  The 2021 Louis Kramer Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of
$3,000, was presented to:

Jorge Rios

Shannon Family Scholarship

In 2005, Pat Shannon established the Shannon Family Scholarship, which
recognizes excellence in community service and social justice.  The recipient, a
junior, is a student that has completed one year of work grant at Jesuit and who
lives the example of our school’s motto of “Men for Others.”  The 2021 Shannon
Family Scholarship, in the amount of $3,000, was awarded to:

Aarin Jain

Bachendorf Scholarship

The Bachendorf Scholarship was established by Mr. Bock to recognize a junior
student who has shown the most improvement academically.  This year’s
recipient of the Bachendorf $7,000 scholarship was:

Aaron Larson

McWhorter Scholarship

In 1995 a scholarship fund was established at Jesuit Dallas in memory of Scott
McWhorter, Jesuit class of 1993, to be given to the student who best exemplifies
Scott’s desire to always put forth his best effort in academics and athletics and to
demonstrate a genuine concern for all his fellow students and those less fortunate
than he.  The Scott McWhorter award honors a student noted for his concern for
others and his commitment to Jesuit. The McWhorter award carries a scholarship
amount of $10,000 to be applied to senior year tuition.  The 2021 recipient of the
Scott McWhorter scholarship award was:

Joey Trigiani

Andrew W. Bark & Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a rising senior who best reflects the artistic talents,
character, and spirit of Andrew Bark, Class of ‘98.  This scholarship is unique in
that it rewards a student’s passion for art above any other criteria.  Andrew was a
brilliant artist, and when he passed away in August 2002 from a courageous fight
with cancer, his friends and family created this scholarship as a way to honor his
legacy.  It is my distinct privilege to award the 2021 Andrew W. Bark ‘98
Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $14,000 to:

Ryan Fleming

Henrion Scholarship

The Henrion Award, established in 1987, is given by the Henrion family in
memory of Tim, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident just days
before he began his senior year at Jesuit in 1986.  Tim had looked forward to
participating in a wide variety of senior activities and extracurriculars.  This
award is a full tuition grant, plus a stipend for personal expenses, given to a
student in the Jesuit work grant program, to free him from his work obligation and
allow him to more fully participate in Jesuit activities and extracurriculars during
his senior year.  The Henrion Award recognizes a work grant student who has
excelled in academics, in activities, and who has conscientiously and
enthusiastically carried out his work grant responsibilities.
I am pleased to present this year’s Henrion Award to Junior:

Alejandro Landry

Man for Others Award

Jesuit’s ‘Man for Others’ award is given each year to students who exemplify, in
their words and actions, what it means to be a Jesuit student.  They have
demonstrated in their dealings with others the ability to give of themselves
selflessly.  The award carries with it a $1,000 scholarship furnished by the Jesuit
Women’s Auxiliary.  The 2021 ‘Man for Others’ Award was presented to:

Thomas Gasper

Pedro Arrupe – Outstanding Junior

Pedro Arrupe, Father General of the Society of Jesus, often spoke and wrote of
the mission and direction of the Jesuit schools.  Father Arrupe first used the
phrase “Men for Others” and challenged Jesuit schools to form students into men
who use their gifts in the service of others.  The Pedro Arrupe award is merited by
a Junior student judged by the faculty most representative of the values of a Jesuit
education.  He is a student committed to educational growth, the pursuit of justice,
a willingness to serve, a compassion for all, and openness to the Spirit.  The 2021
Pedro Arrupe award was presented to:

Samuel Dunkerley


Stay tuned to The Roundup for more news on academic achievement.