Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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At least for me, this was a great year for music.  Particularly, this was a great year for the radio.  Never have I found so much to enjoy on both Top 40 and Alternative radio.  Sure, there were still unbearable songs that made me change the station every time they came on, such as “Call me Maybe,” or “Stronger...
DarksidePsychic Album ReviewMatador/Other People RecordsReleased October 4, 2013Genre: Ambient, Electronica,  (Subtle) Rock, MicrohouseMichael White said it best in his  Disclosure review for Pretty Neat Grooves (a music blog Michael and I co-founded and run): "...electronic music has always been a hard genre to comprehend". This difficulty to comprehend is partly due to the instrumentation and scope of sounds, though...
Emotions are curious things. They are complex; no two people respond the same way to a given situation. One thing is for sure, however. They are a deep insight into the dark enigmatic depths of the heart. Belgian band Old Ivy explores emotional ups and downs on their debut Extended Play record titled, "The Greater Mind."Old Ivy plays a...

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